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  • When's the void gen coming? I didn't use this mod in 1.8 so I don't even know what it does but it sounds cool.

    Fusion Power Engineering Industries® Making Fusion™ Automation Chamber© is DONE!!!!!!!! HAYO!!!

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  • the golden textures are for an idea i have.
    like a slow grinder but produces 2 scrap instead 1 plus higher chance of producing BUT
    you need lava and water.
    if you run out of water well it starts to overheat and instead of producing scrap it produces ash which is useless.
    if you run out of lava well nothing bad will happen except you cant produce scrap and eu
    this item produces power when melting items into scrap.

  • sorry the bug fixes are a bit delayed, I am also adding a bunch of new content for the next update (and I the process I have to rewrite the rendering system of f4113nc0r3)

    better late than never

  • Rare Earth Extractor

    Consumes certain materials to make rare earth.
    Provide with energy and one of the following materials and it will consume the material to create rare earth:
    Rare earth slowly fills the bar until it is full and then produces a rare earth dust.
    Here are the default items it accepts as well as the amounts of rare earth they produce:
    Cobblestone: 1/320th
    Netherrack: 1/128th
    Clay: 1/48th
    Obsidian: 1/10th
    Soulsand: 1/10th
    Items and amounts are configurable.

    Crafting Recipe:

    To get magnets you must specially refine rare earth.
    First combine rare earth with an iron ingot to get a rare earth chunk:

    Next, compress the chuck to get a dead magnet:

    Finally energize the magnet in a electrolyzer to get a magnet:

    Magnets are used in plasma technology to prevent the molten plasma from burning through it's comtainer.

    Iridium Stone:
    To get iridium stone, further reinforce reinforced stone with an iridium plate.
    This stone is so awesome that only its owner (whoever placed it) or people on creative can break it!


    The plasmafier heats uum to tempatures exceeding 3000C which turns it into a gaseous state.
    This process however consumes lots of eu and uum.
    Put uum into the left slot, and it will be slowly consumed and turned into plasma.
    Plasma will slowly fill the central guage.
    To get the plasma out, put a cell into the right-top slot and it will be filled and put into the right-bottom slot.
    It takes 512,000 eu and 10 uum to make one plasma cell.

    Plasma Core:
    The central part of plasma technology is the plasma core.
    To make one suspend the molten plasma between four magnets with advanced alloy to support it all:

    PESD(Plasma Energy Storage Device):
    The plasma energy storage device it a high-tech battery that stores eu in gasseous plasma.
    To make one, support some advanced circuits and a plasma core with some carbon plates and iridium plates:

    Plasma Cable:
    The plasma cable is a high-tech cable that sends energy through a conduit of molten plasma.
    This wonderful cable can transmit 1,000,000,000 eu in one packet, but suffers a 3eu per block loss.
    To make it, combine a plasma core with some refined iron and cover it all with some carbon plates:

    PESU(Plasma Energy Storage Unit):

    A bigger cousin to the PESD, this huge battery can store up to 1,000,000,000 eu!
    Outputs 32768 eu/tick, stores up to 1,000,000,000 eu.
    Otherwise acts just like a mfsu.

    For usage with the PESU, there is an insane-voltage transformer.
    This high-tech transformer converts 32768 eu/tick to 2048 eu/tick and back.

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  • Very cool. seems like it would work well with gregtech fusion generators.

    EDIT: though, could you make a config for how much uu is needed to make a plasma cell? 166kk eu for one cell is way too expensive in gregtech, considering its main use would be for a cheaper alternative to superconductor cable.

  • can the machine i was taking about be part of the plasma or does it not fit plasma.
    what about gravitational generators for plasma tier though . it harness the gravity of minecraftia which infinite. does not produce a lot but you dont have to worry about it being sunny or if there's enough lava .
    and what about purifier which makes pure metals by taking the other unwanted elements out so if i put iron ore in it has 60% of producing tin, 30% copper and 10% gold as well as producing 2 iron . if i put in gold ore in it has 50% of producing iron and 50% of producing coal as well as 3 gold. if you put iridium ore in it has 25% of producing diamond, 25% uranium and 50% of producing coal dust. if i put coal in has 75% of producing flint, 5% of producing iron, 5% of producing bones, 5% of producing plant ball and 10 % of producing bronze dust aswell as producing 1 coalball. if you put a diamond in you get 3 diamond dust and 4 compressed coalball. if you put a industrial diamond in you get 2 diamonds plus 1 diamond dust.you can tweak and stuff.


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  • I have to complain a bit. I get an NPE when trying to remove an electric wood gassificator with a wrench.
    Here's the log

    Fusion Power Engineering Industries® Making Fusion™ Automation Chamber© is DONE!!!!!!!! HAYO!!!

    Hint: Click the Automation Chamber text to see how it looks :D

  • That souds really cool :D. Not realistic (Plasma to store energy ? lol. In theory, plasma contains less energy than air, but also is lossing a lot of its own energy due to emitting light and others things but ... this is cool anyway ^^). An even cooler thing would be to add stuff that would be useful, even with GregTech (because actually I quite like how you did it, but GregTech already added better than MFSU storage :/). What about a better than Nuclear Reactor, working on the same way but renawable/more efficient ? I'm quite annoying always to wish playing with Nuclear Reactor, I know ^^.
    Or you could make an even better than GregTech Grinder, needing your awesome plasma cells (don't know why, but you'll find one ^^) and working the same way as Mass spectrometer ? ^^.
    I also like the rare earth exctractor, I guess Greg could add some recipie with centrifuge/electrolyzer :). But ... it would be nice making it more useful: an example would be to make it usable as a replacement of glowstone/redstone/lapis, with alternative recipies ? Rare earth are often used for advanced circuitry and hardware :D

    Edit: wait ... I suggested something like ... Chaoschamp ... the guy that spammed the diary with useless "funny" messages ...

    Soon with Molten Salt Reactors, right ? :D

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  • sounds like some ligit ideas, don't worry, there's alot more coming before I'm done with this addon
    edit: also just so you know this addon isn't supposed to be the leftovers of GregTech

  • It actually seems it crashes when an items needs to be turned into an item entity.
    Wrenching the IV transformer didn't crash as long as I didn't wrench the side the input was on.
    I guess it has a problem with a function that drops the item on the ground.

    Fusion Power Engineering Industries® Making Fusion™ Automation Chamber© is DONE!!!!!!!! HAYO!!!

    Hint: Click the Automation Chamber text to see how it looks :D

  • Found some bugs:
    For example I can *not* insert the dead magnet into the electrolyzer (wont accept the magnet in any slot).
    So I have to cheat in the "real" magnets :(
    Also : putting clay (not the block) into the rare earth extractor, will produce rare earth - but the clay will not be consumed totally.
    When it reaches the last piece of clay - that piece will stay in the machine forever and produce endless rare earth...

  • Hi, I love your mod but whenever I try removing a machine with an IC2 wrench it comes up with a nullpointerexception. Is there another tool I have to use?

  • Hi, I love your mod but whenever I try removing a machine with an IC2 wrench it comes up with a nullpointerexception. Is there another tool I have to use?

    It would help if you could give us an error report containing the NPE, then F4113n could give you a hand. Though my guess is a botched wrench API call. Could be wrong. *runs to get back to videos*

  • @ANY_ONE_WITH_WRENCH_ISSUES: currently working on fixing that, don't need a error report this time because IK what I accidentally did wrong
    Neikei911 : thanks for reporting them, they'll be fixed in a jiffy ^^

  • ok everyone, fixes for all so-far reported bugs are out
    don't forget to get the lastest version of fallencore (which has the fix for the wrench crash)
    cfg options will be out sometime in the near future