Suggestion: Gunpowder Recipe

  • There's already a Secret Recipe for Gunpowder in IC as it is....


    I do like the Idea of being able to Macerate Netherrack into a dust and used for recipes, which could include fuel, and other Nether-tech Based ideas.

    Mining laser + nether portal tech = portal gun?

  • I didn't put suggestion in because this is an area for a suggestion, therefore every thread started should be a suggestion, no? Anyway, I was aware of the secret gunpowder recipe, but it requires..stuff thats way more valuable for other things, seeing as you need redstone for almost every machine, and mass amounts of coaldust for industrial diamonds, carbon plates, solar panels, etc. Coal is way too valuable a resource to be used in something consumable like an explosive, especially considering you cannot macerate charcoal into coal dust.

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    Sure netherrack and coal are easy to obtain but these thing still needs to be macerated (proportion 1:1 not like iron ore) and then crafted. Actually it's now just question of balancing things. I see some easy solutions.
    1. Recipe could include something that You need to look a little for. Like soulsand.
    2. For example 5 ratherrack dusts and 4 coal dusts (or way around 4:5) creates one stick of dynamite. You need 4 or so to craft whole tnt. (dynamite stick could actually be new item. Looking like fence with different graphic and not joining other sticks. Explosion would be all cubes around placed stick excluding the ones placed diagonally.)