Suggestion. Duplicator.

  • Don't you hate spending all your time mining resources, never resting except to craft? Well the duplicator is the answer for you!!! You simply put an item of your choice into it, and supply ol' dupie with EU!!!!!! However, duplication is a new technology. The EU needed to duplicate an item is about the same as the amount needed to produce 1 piece of UU matter. Plus, the duplicator won't even begin to work unless a certain amount of eu/tick is administered. (High voltage) Then, the nature of the item you're duplicating comes into place, because it would be strange if duplicating dirt costs the same as duplicating a quantum suit. To find out the amount of EU needed to duplicate something, you use the following formula. 10000 EU, plus 5000 for each item needed to craft it, plus another 5000 for every item needed to craft those items and so on and so forth. Also, for every operation performed on the item (eg. smelting) is another 1000 eu. So using this scale, some copper ore would only need 10000 EU to duplicate, while copper dust would cost 11000, because it went through an operation (maceration)

    Recipe is:
    :Energy Crystal: :Cable: :Energy Crystal:

    :Electronic Circuit: :Tesla Coil: :Electronic Circuit:

    :Advanced Machine: :Cable: :Advanced Machine:

    :Energy Crystal: = lapotron crystal. (uncharged)

    :Cable: = glass figer cable.

    :Electronic Circuit: = adv. circuit

    :Tesla Coil: = Mass Fabricator.

    :Advanced Machine: = Adv. machine block.

    I AM A RAGING INDUSTRIALIST!!!!!!!!!!!! :cursing: :cursing: :cursing: :cursing: :cursing: :cursing: :cursing: :cursing: :cursing:
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  • Can we say horribly broken? I knew you could...
    "The EU needed to duplicate an item is about the same as the amount needed to produce 1 piece of UU matter" this alone would render a mass fab useless, making diamond creation *8 times* cheaper by requiring the equivalent of one piece, not 9.

  • Or maybe a powered UU matter converter which needs X amounts of matter to run, returns Y amount of item, given a specific template.

    X being a constant for a given machine, possibly with the option to increase or decrease depending on tier/power input, and Y being determined by the value of the resource needed.

    The template would be an example of the item in question, used to simplify the process of matter usage (and make it make a little more sense), and to make sure that you are able to actually get the item before the game gives you more.

    My general view on the matter is that it's an emergency resource. If I'm building a big item (Nuclear Reactor, bank of Solars, Quantum Suit, etc.) and suddenly realise that I'm a few items short, I can fabricate the missing bits rather than upping sticks and mining it out. So, UU matter-generated resources should never be easier to generate en masse than the harvested equivalents.