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    With forestry you can (slowly) make dirt from cobble. Set up multiple peat farms. One stack of bog earth uses half a stack of dirt and half a stack of sand (=cobble), but turns into a full stack of dirt. It is slow, but you get some nice fuel while doing this. I had 4 peat farms running and had too much peat, even a setup of ~25 peat engines sending it into a EU-converter couldn't burn everything. Ended up feeding it into a recycler^^

    don't forget mossy cobble and mossy stone brick with a moistener

    Okay so if I understand this correctly once full basicly sends a burst of EU out than stops again cause its no longer full (Unless your producing even power to keep it fully charged which than the lever dis useless)

    I think so? if it's say receiving 12 Eu/t constant it'll fill up than pass any energy along. (basically the 12 EU/t)
    yeah. just tested things. fed a constant feed of 32 EU/t to a bat-box and it was stuck at 32 shy of the full 40k so it basically just sends single packets along when it can. Averages out to <x>EU/t in the end i'm sure.

    Sorry guys would try this myself but minecraft dont want to run and my cousin is downloading a game so I cant refresh my minecraft to try this myself. (Till tomorrow)

    So I was heading to the store and I starting wondering about this.

    If I put a lever next to a MSU and flip the lever will the MSU stop sending power? Or will it keep sending power to my machines?

    yes. Stops sending power until it's full, then lets any power pass through.

    anyone else having an issue with Minecraft server? by "an issue" I mean anyone in a certian area lags to hell and back and the server suddenly eats 100% of a core.
    In the middle of my second massive edit due to the piece of *bleep* server randomly deciding to do something seriously odd and corrupting the save or something. Happened twice so far, about a couple weeks apart (from inception to first event than from first to second)
    Having to do massive chunk copies of base areas (thank $diety there's only 3 of us on the server) and pastes onto an old (in this case 2 day old) backup...

    Wish I knew what the hell is going on but MCedit reported 0 chunk errors both times.

    edit: forgot to mention: running vanilla server here.

    I wrote in the first post that I have used chunkloading blocks all the way, I did also check with the "F9" button to show which chunks that are loaded.

    It is SSP. around 250 blocks away.
    Edit: Fixed!
    This must be a bug for sure..
    The wire has a start and stop button in both end's. And I just moved the RS latch to the midle of the cable, before it was placed in one of the end's.

    Wow.. reading fail there.. It's sorta what I get for making a post at 4am in a bout of insomnia though :)
    Odd.. wonder if the supposed to be infinite length of RP2 wire isn't so infinite then.

    I am currently building a powerplant. I use bundlecables to transfer signals and for some reason they don't work at long distances. I have checked the whole cable and there no bad connections. I have also added chunk loader block so that every single piece of the cable is always loaded. Have anyone else having this problem?

    I have wireless redstone installed, but it would be much cooler to have these cables going everywhere.

    define "long distances" is this SSP or SMP?
    there's a couple things at play here.
    1: processing distance for SSP, last I knew the game only processes blocks a certian distance away from you. No idea if this has changed or not
    2: chunk unloading in SMP. If you get too far away the server will unload the chunks you were just in.

    The solution to both of these if you have Buildcraft installed are the additional pipes, it brings a ChunkLoader block to the party.

    The problem I see with only using a NOT gate is that you shut down the line and don't unlock it again. If there is no power flowing the detector cable will never change state. Using only a NOT gate works fine if you want to shut off another line, but not the same.

    ah, point. I've still only gotten to the basics with RP2 logic gates. Sure i've done stuff like build a BCD decoder but I was just following a logic diagram there.

    Seeing I have RP2 installed, all I really need is my cobble gen. I already have 6 large chests full of it, and it generates a full chest in about ~7 mins or so.

    just curious, what kind of cobble gen setup do you have? Have a simple one-block one here. I first tried a self-activating system with a redstone torch below the created cobble block but that kept deactivating itself so I had to resort to a timer set to 2 seconds. Any cobble goes to sorting and anything leftover goes to recycling. Have 2 large chests of cobble, if I grab any it gets refilled before scrap production resumes.

    Really strange bug there, sometimes this also happened to me, but usually just once, so I didn't need to constantly replace a cable. I am not sure how it works, but if splitter cables cause an update to the Enet you might be able to do an automatic reset for that power line.

    As you have redpower it should work quite well. Basically once the detector cable goes off start a 1s timer that turns the line off, then back on. That might fix your problem.

    a NOT gate on the detector cable should work the same and be a bit simpler. You can actually put the NOT gates directly against the cable. (have a couple in my world to shut down a mass fab when a MFSU is charging)

    If we're not talking vanilla IC2, Power Converters has generators called Water Strainers, which are like watermills that take water from BC pipes instead of buckets. They produce 4-5x as much EU/t/iron ingot as solar, but actually pumping the water causes plenty of lag with my Intel graphics...

    They actually provide the same as a "manned" water mill without the whole bucket system. (2 EU/t)
    I've love to build a few dozen more myself but the two that I am using are unstable as heck. keep having to knock them down and re-place both them and the tubes leading to them. Not sure if this is a SMP thing or not though.

    This isn't exactly the board for that, as this is more of a RP question, but from what I know you need to use an transposer to get the item out.
    I haven't used them yet, but try this page:

    yup, not the board for this question. The Off-Topic board would work though.

    in addition to a transposer you'll need to attach the tube to the top of the recycler so it'll go in the upper slot.