Mark IV EB -- 120EU/t :: Continuous 4 Reactors Swap

  • I've easily encountered enough uranium near the surface for a good sized reactor, sometimes right beneath it. There really is no sweet-spot for it; just drill baby drill.

  • Seriously. My friend and I usually set up BuildCraft stripminers on 30x30 footprints, and the last time we had a base up and running (we recently restarted our server to add more stuff) I think we had 2 *stacks* of Uranium Ore.

  • Using a 9000 heat breeder will raise the eff by alot. You only need a few uranium ore then to keep it running. Eff will be like 25 or so XD

    Once again, if you're getting an equivalent efficiency of 25 out of a 9000 heat breeder, there's something seriously wrong with your setup. You *should* be exceeding 30.4 with a properly designed breeder.

  • LOL I find so much uranium all the time. I dont even bother with breeding.

    Just for the heck of it, I improved the original design


    Although, if you are gonna run several reactors it's more efficient to use many smaller ones (Assumed clocking and such)

    Kool, thanks for the suggestion.
    It looks like I only need 3 reactors for that [with a slight pause in between] This is way better than what I have. :D I could run 2 sets of those.

    I'll try it out once IC2 updates.