Suggestion/Clear things up with mixed fuel

  • Allright on my last post Alblaka said that his current idea for fuel was that it would be able to be refined and then randomly mixed to for horrible fuel or super fuel What I didn't understand was does the player mix the outcome fuels and maybe the biofuel if new ones made or the refining machine does it I recomend that the player does it meaning that fuel is in units after refining and they can pour the finished product and see how quickly it all ignites or take 3 times to ignite and burns slowly meaning the second is bad quality unless you like a slowburn and please at least the idea for gasoline,diesel,kerosine can even be considered and the bio fuel extracted from macerated wood is a good idea because wood ethonol is so far being more popular with scientist it tops corn ethonol and my woodgas idea which is a biproduct of smoldering wood into charcoal can be used by a low EU/ generator

  • Suggestions are for additions to the game, not to suggest people to tell you how it will work. When it is released we will know more, and until then, unless its leaked, we wont know how it will work.

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    let me clear things up a lil here, hope my explanation stops the confusion here goes..

    your gona have to wait and find out ^^

    yes im evil and yes i actually know but ima be mean ^^