[Suggestion] New machines and stuff

  • I was thinking maybe a few new machines and generators might be nice, also smog. Smog would be like a liquid but it floats up. if you touch it it starts to kill you. It would come from geothermal generators and regular generators. you would need an airtight pipe to hook up the generators to. The airtight pipe would be crafted like this: RGR
    R= :Refined Iron: G= glass

    And a fusion reactor for lots and lots of energy: :Advanced Machine: :Advanced Machine: :Advanced Machine:
    :Advanced Machine: :Reactor: :Advanced Machine:
    :Advanced Machine: :Advanced Machine: :Advanced Machine:
    And an advanced miner: :Advanced Circuit:
    :Advanced Machine:

    The fusion reactor would produce 8000 EU/t! But look out, it explodes easily! The advanced miner would be faster and more efficient.

    Just a thought :D

  • there would be no possible way to hook a gen that produces 8000eu/t up to any kind of storage or run it through any kind of wire even EV wire would melt....

  • Why does a fusion reactor explode? What's the advanced thing about the advanced miner?

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  • Lava makes smoke when it burns something. That's what smoke is - particles of what was burned. Volcanic ash is the remains of what the lava forcibly displaced. Lava does not inherently "make smoke". Lava that's heating water would make steam.

  • I realize its for game balance...but there should be a different cost for fusion than "explodes"

    fusion rx's don't explode...at best they would implode; more likely they just fail. Their true cost is: 1) very radioactive components after operation 2) high radiation flux around rx during operation 3) INCREDIBLY high energy costs to get one running.

    i like 3...easy to implement. like how Kentington's RS addon uses a battery to start the rx. I would make it require a FULL charge from either a lapotron or a nearby wired-on MFSU to start it up as well as some kind of cooling system.

    fwiw fission rx's don't even really explode. They release large amounts of high energy steam that "explodes" the containment structure (read explosion much much less powerful than equivalent weight atomic weapon) but by and large don't cause atomic/thermonuclear explosions. mosty they just melt things and kick lots of fission products into the environment on failure. Rad-waste / fallout deposition would be a better consequence.

  • I like the idea that the reactors take a significant amount of energy to start, but not so keen on the "masses of power indefinitely" thing. As far as I can tell, there is somewhat of a cost-work-energy conversion rate going:
    Renewables - High cost - no work - low energy
    Fuel-based - Low cost - high work - med energy
    Cold Reactor - High Cost - low work - med energy
    Hot Reactor - High Cost - High Work - high energy

    Essentially, all the generators fit somewhere. Adding an essentially unlimited supply would reduce the entire thing to a race to fission, while as it is, you can look at these forums and see people who prefer the no-work high-cost renewables, to focus on a different area, or the people who want to run nukes for a little while and save enough energy for a long time, or even those who prefer a tree farm to power generators. An endless supply of clean energy is a taget, but never attained.

    I'd probably recommend either a limited lifespan and fuel addition, to slot into the current scheme.

    A different way of looking at it would be to have some way of setting the output in the reactor (fuel/catalyst/etc.), and have it only work safely if it draws ONLY that level, if there's higher or lower draw, then heat would build up and it would eventually explode. That would make it good for times when you need a burst of energy (to charge MFSUs, for example), but it wouldn't be a "fire and forget" type device.