Suggestion - Ground Penetrating Radar

  • I was on Minecraftforum and saw a mod that can help you find rare materials with a vertical and horizontal map. I saw the vertical map and it gave me this idea. Create a ground penetrating radar that "for an example" can scan a 1x10xY picture of some kind. So if you are wanting to go cave diving it can lead you where you want to go faster. Now the thing is I don't want it to make it easier to find materials just to find cave so maybe a black and white interpretation of the small chunk you are scanning to differentiate the air and solid material. There can also be blue and red added to those colors for water and lava.

    If you like this idea feel free tell me a way i can improve it.

    If you're against this idea please comment on why you think this is a bad idea.

    If you're a modder and want to create this please go right ahead.

  • I support this. As a player who loves SMP PVP it is difficult to find peoples bases that are built far underground. Something like this might help out. Though I am against it for the same reason, I build my bases underground as well lol. I'm not sure how it would work though. How would you display the information? It could just be output as text kinda like the Towny mod does its maps. But I think that would be a bit weird if you tried to do a 3d image.

  • mobile scanner? no! to much work on the dev's part, tho a function on the CPU to be able to scan st8 down and tell you how many blocks down the next air block is would be highly possible and useful without being game-breakingly OP

  • I greatly support this idea.

    I think it should look downwards in a square area around your character, and then on a little screen or something ores would show up as disturbances in the color, and caves and bases would be large blobs.

    Would be quite interesting to see how one could hide an underground base with strategically placed ores and manmade caves...