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    It should be quite obvious that as it stands, single use batters are more or less useless.
    Sure they might find an occasional niche or need, but by in large useless.

    Which is why I propose two things:

    1) Allow SU batteries to be crafted with charcoal dust. Charcoal dust would have the only sole purpose of being used in SU batteries.
    Using one charcoal dust, 1 redstone and 1 wire would make 5-6 SU batteries. This would give the SU battery some role in the early game, as an alternative to directly using charcoal in coal generators.

    2) Add a more powerful SU battery that would use glowstone, gunpowder, fuel and redstone.
    :Gold Dust: :Refined Iron: :Gold Dust:
    :Fuel: :Fuel: :Fuel:
    :Gold Dust: :Dynamite: :Gold Dust:
    Where :Gold Dust: is glowstone dust, :Refined Iron: is Gold Wire and :Dynamite: is redstone dust.
    Using coal fuel can will yield 6 SU batteries that hold 20,000 EU, while using biofuel can will yield 3 of said batteries.
    This would make an alternative to solar panels and reactors in the mid game.

    Basically, you feed a line of tubes below the water mills. At the beginning, you have filter which is attached to a deployer which grabs water form an infinite water pool. The filter needs to be set to grab water buckets. After all the water mills at the other end, you have a retriever which should retrieve empty buckets and feed them back into the deployer. Here are a few images:

    Mind though, with this many water gens, it causes some major performance issues, as I dropped from a solid 60 fps to 40 fps while the system was running at a pulse a second. With a much larger system (+32 water gens) I could imagine massive lagg.

    And I thought it was just me....
    Diamonds are super hard to come by for me as of late.
    Redstone hasn't been that big of an issue, but it does seems a bit less from previous versions of minecraft.

    This is a bit long, but you should read what I have to say. I have a bit of an insiders opinion on the matter.
    Actually, the intention was never to share technic with the mainstream community at the start. That's why permission wasn't obtained. KakerMix assembled the pack personally after some kind of fever vision of an awesome way to play minecraft. It turned out to be amazing, and he just shared it with a few friends. I was one of those lucky test pilots so I know. From there people asked about it, and instead of explaining every little detail of a process that took days, he just shared the mods as a pack to those in his circles. From there it was leaked and spread like wildfire, so it was already too late to get permissions. Everyone was wild for technic. He did the best thing he could do and worked hard to set up a support system over time and make sure the people who had gotten it understood how to run it. As well as that, he contacted as many modders as he could and tried to get them to work together.

    Wait seriously? If that is the case, than this has been a massive miss-understanding on my part. Originally I had thought that the modpack was created with intention of bringing mods to the masses, as opposed to just private use. Which now justifies not asking for permission, as there was no original intention to distribute this publicly. The mod spread like wildfire, so there was no chance to attain permission anyways.

    Well, I only have one thing to say at this point:
    Sorry. I really am sorry for adding fuel to a fire that shouldn't even be burning. I'm out of the discussion, and I'm not hesitant anumore with the thought of suggesting the modpack to people anymore.

    The one issue I have found with RP tubes is that they are far more computer resources intensive than BC pipes.
    I've used BC pipes to transport and sorted hundreds of items into dozens of different chests, and never experienced any slowdown.
    When i do the RP tubes however, I have experienced major performance issues when trying to transport a large amount of items, such as handling the influx from a quarry. I presume that while RP tubes are far smarter, they have an algorithm with a larger Big O than the one used for BC pipes.

    Granted this leaves room for a better algorithm, but as it stands when it comes down to BC pipes vs RP tubes:

    I use BC for blunt item transporting and sorting, when there are tons of items that need to go from point A to point B, and need to be sorted. They are fairly simple, and work great for day-day out operations. Granted with BC 3.00, they do get a lot smarter, so I am quite excited.

    I use RP tubes for operations that simply require a smarter item transport system, such as a factory with IC2 machines, such as the one Direwofl20 made. Unlike BC pipes which would normally overflow items or send items to already filled slots, RP pipes are smart enough to put items where they need to go and will not send items at all if there is no room.

    I shall repeat where i stand on the matter:

    • I dislike adfly etc links. They are totally pointless and only makes downloading the mods painful. Especially when ALL parts of a mod (BC, RP2) are linked through one adfly link each. I simply open the first one (with adblocker of course) and then manually make a list of all files from the "direct" download site they have behind their adfly links.
    • I don't agree with the restrictive copyrights modders use... They hamper the community and doesn't serve the modders that much really. What are they afraid of? That someone will mod their mods? (Double moral if anything)
    • Even if i disagree with the above two, i respect their wishes, after all they are the ones making the mods. They at least have a say in how they want to use the mods. If we start crapping in their face then they may stop making said mods and as such no Technic pack and no mods for ANYONE. Now who's the e-hero?
    • Thus, i think adding mods to a pack without permission is even worse than trying to stop the Technic pack in it's track because some thousand noobs doesn't know how to use an archiver and copy files around. (It's that simple)

    I agree with every point here. Namely the last two.
    The problem with the technic pack, is simply the fact that it never asked for permission in the first place.
    It's like starting up a band, making an album, which you begin handing out to people for free.
    But then somebody else comes along and takes your album, and give it to people without your permission. Sure they might say thanks for the album, and you got a lot more publicity, but aren't you just a bit irked by the fact that they felt so entitled to hand out the mod as they please? Maybe even so far as to feel somewhat betrayed?

    Regardless of the fact that they said thanks and gave credit where credit is due, they never asked for permission in the first place. To me, when a person asks for permission for something, it shows a real sense of respect and appreciation. When a person just takes/distributes something without my permission, it leaves me feeling dis-respected and almost betrayed.

    Now granted I doubt you guys had those intentions, but simply wanted to share these wonderful mods with the mainstream minecraft community, which I commend! However, I still refuse to suggest the technic pack to friends because you did not ask for permission in the first place and, to me, disrespected the rights that the modders of minecraft in doing so.

    I am rather intrigued, on the other hand, with the rather dim outlook on the enchanting feature expressed in this thread. Do people here hate Notch for modifying his game?

    While yes, it is his own game, most of us are still not happy the direction minecraft is going in.
    For me, it's not so much that I hate vanilla minecraft, it's just that I feel Industrialcraft and some other mods are simply FAR superior.
    To me, to be honest, I don't play minecraft anymore. I play Industrialcraft, Buildcraft and Redpower 2. Minecraft is just an engine to me, not a full game, and I feel we are free to disable/gimp what features of vanilla Minecraft as we please.

    To get the original point though, the problem with the enchantment table, is that there is practical way of balancing it with industrialcraft stuff, and therefore it would be best to outright remove it.
    Plus I mean, it somewhat clashes with the mood of Industrialcraft. I mean, say for a mod with heavy RPG elements in it, ya the enchantment table would fit right hom there. industrialcraft however is not about magic and whatnot, but rather technology.

    Again, I reiterate my point:
    To me, minecraft is just an engine, and Industrailcraft is the game. I don't play minecraft, I play Industrialcraft.



    To clarify:
    IC does not force me to use any of its items. But this proposed change would force me to forgo enchantments. There is a huge difference.

    Well hopefully we can get a config file in that would allow for enabling or disabling of that. I'm fine with you want enchantments and all, but I personally want to keep enchantments out of minecraft.

    My IGN is M11xStryker and I would love to join!
    I've been playing Industrialcraft ever since IC1 7.16, and would love to join this sever!