suggestion: lighter

  • having a lighter that get can or refilled in the canner. the lighter could have mode like the mining laser.

    post your idea. pls

    and can have more thing for the canner because no one uses the jet-pack because of the refilling. and canning food is useless, and the fuel it a big process. so here is some thing for the canner to do

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  • Yes, a rechargeable "flint and steel" is a good idea - and it's sensible to run on fuel. It would probably only need one cell and should have quite a lot of uses out of that.

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  • Rechargeable/Refuel-able Flint and Steel would be sweet. I don't see why there would be 'modes' however.

    More uses for it, like the Refueling, would be nice to have for the canner. I just skip to the electric jet pack myself, and sometimes don't even make the machine.

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  • I like this idea... could be cool to use with canned food as well to convert them back to hunger nourishing items instead of direct healing items (and vice versa if you decide to re-canned said food again)...

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