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    The "Design choice/Feature" still applies for the crystals. And why would you want to remove their ability to hold EU in the first place?

    If energy storage transfer abilities are moved to energy storage blocks instead of the items, you can then have the items stackable.

    Otherwise, it's a moot point.

    Personally, I think the question should be changed to 'Should Batboxes, MFE's, and MFSU's retain energy when wrenched' instead of what it is now- As the EU storage of all other machines are quite small. A Mass Fabricator saving it's percentage might be nice, though.

    The joke of not having mfsu+company to not retain full charges, its to not make lapotrons+company useless. Besides i don't think keeping upgrades in place its possible either.

    What? Lapotrons and company can't be stacked because they use meta values to show how much EU they have stored (Making them too unique to allow stacking). Lapotron and Energy Crystal not stacking when empty its most likely a design choice. (Or a feature, w/e you want to call it)

    If their ability to hold EU is removed, they can be stacked without any issue, no?

    Allowing the upgrade to be held onto might be possible. Dunno. Interested if a response will be given in regards to that.

    Everything but BatBox, MFE, and MFSU should retain energy, imo. Preferably, they should keep all upgrade inside of them as well, allowing for larger EU storages inside of the machines to be transported.

    If Batbox, MFE, and MFSU can be transported with their EU, then remove the energy storage of batteries, energy crystals, and lapatron crystals and allow them to stack.

    There's not enough detail.

    Using canned food... With what EU cost? What if there was no canned food?

    Would it cost less EU and use canned food, or if there was no canned food it would use more EU without it?

    Would it ONLY be canned food, and nothing else?

    Would there be a config option involved in this, to allow people to choose?

    Personal Opinion:

    Uses Canned Food at a low EU cost to increase food/saturation both to full, otherwise use a much larger amount of EU to achieve the same, without the canned food. (Or, a config option, if nothing else.)


    an explosive the size of a nuke that only puts out fire, and nothing else.

    yes, because I'd rather have my house burned down than have it blown to bits

    I believe you missed my original post. It doesn't deal damage.

    if we wanted to go big wouldn't we just rig a teleporter to teleport out the air and choke all the fire(and everything else) in a 10 chunk radius?

    related: the next version of minecraft makes wood slabs flammable. as a result ic2 should add an auto sprinkler system for buildings

    One, 20 block diameter is amazingly small.
    Two, that would kill everything. Kind of not what is wanted...
    Three. Explosions. Are you really arguing against explosions?

    I like how people QQ about Solars being overpowered, when Water/Wind can be set up to be just as good, if not better.

    If the OP's suggestion was taken seriously, then Solar Panels should just be removed at that point. But in a week after that (s)he'll be back complaining about wind or water next.

    The only Fire Extinguisher I see being added to IC2 is an explosive the size of a nuke that only puts out fire, and nothing else.

    Because the only real way to fight fire, is with fire.

    Or explosives. Explosives always beat fire.

    But you still keep everything you have with you, so you don't lose EVERY single process you did. You could use toolboxes to store a few things like your tools and w/e you can place in those, and the rest of the space can be occupied by Materials to build your new home, the machines you need, generators, energy storages machines and some energy storage crystals. You even have a plus if you had quantum armor made and equipped with you.

    So... It's as if you're taking everything you can with you, to a new area...

    Minus the going anywhere part. Doesn't seem that OP.

    Anyways, back to the UU-Matter Tentacle Monster Biome.

    @Genesis bomb thing: That sound OP, not much different from having nei or creative mode to give you the stuff in a clean new world >.>

    Somewhat, but you actually have to go and get/mine the stuff after using the bomb. Still requires effort and time.

    If you consider the fact that all progress on anything you've built is lost, it's somewhat of a fair trade.

    So in this case you'd lose all machines, everything, along with the UU-Matter globs.

    That would only cover the conversion, and it would need an initial UU-Matter Block to start the infection/conversion.

    Remember that the biome change destroy (Not convert) any block that isn't Iridium coated or that isn't a UU-Matter Block.

    I placed that Biome change as a drawback off using the Mass Fabricator to get more UU-Matter, and nothing will be able to revert that change, not even the destruction of the Mass Fabricator.

    Well, technically...

    Explosions+ Genesis Bomb can remove anything.

    oh look! there's the solar panel EU gathering rate in the config file!
    I'll just set that to 128 and I'll be all set! :D

    Configuring a Miner makes sense. It's somewhat of a computer.

    Changing the rate at which solar panels works was asked by people to be able to nerf them on servers, and isn't the same.

    What part of, Biome change, full chunk don't you understand?

    Unless biomes only affect terrain bellow 128y...

    If you really want it then fine, Mass Fabricator will only convert stuff bellow 128 to UU-Matter, but blocks above and bellow that limit will still be destroyed if they aren't iridium coated because of the biome.

    Last I checked, Biomes don't care what a chunk is, and go about their merry business in their own little weird mathematical world.