Posts/topics occasionally vanish?

  • I'm not sure about before, but I am sure that last night I started a new topic in a suggestion area. This morning I happen to check on it, only to discover that it doesn't exist and the link I pasted to someone else is broken.


    I can see two possible ways for this to happen:

    1) Database issue; something simply caused it to not be stored properly.
    2) Moderation; for whatever reason a mod moved/deleted/hid the post.

    I'd like to know, if it is the later shouldn't I have been sent some kind of private message at least explaining why that occurred since I can't think of any reason the content would be bad? If it's the former, then is there anything that can be done or any 'problematic times' I can just avoid posting to the forums?

  • I had the same issue last week.
    I posted a thread to see if there was a way I could disable the prompts to update Minecraft each time I launch it. Yes, I have backups in case I accidentally tell it yes to upgrade, but it would be better if I could just tell it a blnket "NO" until BC/IC etc are ready for 1.0.

    The thread disappeared that day. I know there had been at least one reply. I can't see why it would be moderated.

    • Official Post

    Threads with inproper thread titles are deleted right away.
    Call me an idiot, but i don't think stuff written by people who can't read a rule thread are worth to be read. Exspecially, because everyone with a GOOD idea so far reposted it with the proper formatting afterwards.