Suggestion: Massive Machine

  • Reason for idea is that I thinking decrease cpu load of from have multple same machine
    I had idea of what if we took machines(more so generator) that if like 3 by 3 of solar panels that in stand of 9 out 9 runing checks just have center machine value increase to be represent value from others solar panels and since center one is only need for cable to be attach to it. Of course other generator too since it would simulated bigger machine. So like have 3 by 3 by 3 water generator,wind generator, or nuclear generator.

  • If coded right, machines can use very little CPU, as low as zero per frame, and only some when they start or stop

    The new cable system will work this way, and I assume that will be carried over to machines.

  • We already dropped CPU usage to 0.1-10% on a couple of machines by reducing their ticking rate.
    - Less accurate (f.e. solar will run for ~3 seconds after sunset before shutting down)
    + Vastly less CPU used in 99/100 frames :P