Bug: SMP: Quantum-helmet Fakes filling food meter.

  • Its really hard to tell, but it certainly seems to be the only way to explain why it is that when I was not passively regenerating, at the 9 food it brings you up to, and then ate a piece of bread (after taking my helmet off), my hunger suddenly dropped, possibly to the *real* value.

    Hard to tell however, due to the lack of good feedback (since the display was the part that appeared bugged)

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    Since you actually don't label the actual issue, except for in the thread title:
    After equipping a QunatumHelmet, your foodbar increases to 90% (as intended), but once you unequip the helmet, it drops down fastly?

  • No. When I take the helmet off, It stays at the same 9 food level. However, If I had waited a while, and eaten something, The hunger meter drops, but if I continue eating, it goes up normally.

  • OP says nano helmet, are you talking about Nanosuit Helmet or Quantum Helmet? Quantum helmet keeps your hunger up at 9. Nano Helmet isn't supposed to do anything with hunger.


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