Video Spotlight: v1.337 Updates

  • 1.337 was released an hour after I got to work, so am pining to get home and give it a whirl (~5 hours to go!). This video shall get me through the day. Thanks man!

  • Nice. I was going to hold off on updating because I have so many add-ons and figured I'd have a conflict.
    Saw your video and (as I always seem to do), said "Hey! That's pretty cool and I gotta have it!"
    So I tried the update again - put in my add-ons one at a time and lo and behold, all but ONE of them worked.
    I'll have to do without SilentDeth's BC-IC Crossover (I'll miss the electric engines and Petrochemical Generator!) but I think on the balance I gained more than I lost.