Suggestion: Organic plant crystals.

  • While taking some time to think about Albs plans for a new plant system in which he mentioned that Red stone farming might be a possibility i got an idea.
    IRL some plants have the ability to grow Crystal like structures. (Cant find my AP Biology Notes >.<)
    I apologize for not being able to show my sources but i know that some of these crystals have been used in advanced computer chips.

    so here is what i am getting at.
    i believe that if red stone farming was implemented that it would become very over powered and horridly Nerfed.
    so instead of direct red stone farming why not grow crystals as a substitute?

    Alblaka says:

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  • Grow crystals for what purpose?

    Judging by the OP, I'd say that the purpose would be to be able to produce small amount of Redstone crystal from plants and turn it into RDust via the Macerator (perhaps).

  • Perhaps, also, he might mean adding some new items and recipes, or possibly adding some alternate recipes for certain items.
    Ex: Normally, energy crystal needs:

    RP, RP, RP,
    RP, Di, RP,
    RP, RP, RP,

    but you could, perchance, replace the redstone powder with "organic crystals"

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