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  • Hey all, quick question, after searching the forum and couldn't find an answer, was wondering if its possible to set wether copper and tin spawn?

    With RP2, Forestry and when its forge compatible, Metallurgy, all spawning their own copper and tin ores, plus options to turn them on or off, does ic2 do the same? Was thinking of installing Metallurgy when its ready, and the idea of huge ore veins sounds excellent, but i dont really want to have to contend with the ic2 versions appearing everywhere too.

    If it doesn't, well, I'll have to create a suggestion post!

  • There isn't anything in the config to disable IC2's copper/tin spawn, but since Forestry and RP2 have that option, it hasn't really been an issue. I just let IC2's ores spawn and disable the others.

    But if it can be added to the config for future versions, yes that would be a good idea.

  • All metallurgy copper and also every other type of copper, including thermal foundation, is compatible. With the added generation, you'll pretty much find 300 copper on your first mining trip. It's nice. I think ic2's copper and tin and others are pretty ugly, so it's nice for me.

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