[Suggestion] UU-Matter Blocks/Orbs (And Coal and Redstone...)

  • A small idea, was a Block, or orb (In Minecraft?!), of UU-Matter created from 8 UU-Matter in the crafting grid, ignoring the middle slot. This allows for major storage of UU-Matter.

    Also, Coal Block and Redstone Block (looks like Glowstone, requires 4 redstone is a square, but is red and glows at light level 7?) to make up for Notch's laziness.

    Was also thinking of 'Dust Piles'- Like Blocks, but for dust, so you can store large amounts without having to re-macerate bars.

    ...I like storing massive amounts of useful stuff for major projects.

    ...What? There's no pineapples here.

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  • Sounds good but what of the fact that you get multiple "full" redstone blocks worth from a single redstone ore, but saying that the coal block and UU-Matter blocks make sense, as the coal blocks 4x as long in a furnace, and UU-matter can add recipes like premade items (diamond blocks, etc.) :Industrial Diamond:

  • I never dreamed of having TOO MUCH UU-Matter... And to be honest, a stack of UU-Matter is ~10 million EU and 2,176 scrap. That's as much as a full MFSU in power... Then we add the fact that a double chest can store 54 stacks of these. That makes it 575 million EU and 117,504 scrap stored. That is MORE than a 6 chamber nuclear reactor with ONLY uranium cells (54 of them) in it can produce.
    You must have insane amounts of UU-Matter production if you need to conserve space by making UU-Matter blocks.

    And as always, there is the Iron Chests addon in the addon section of these forums that gives you diamond chest capable of storing 108 stacks (double the storage space) and only takes one block space and can be placed next to each other. (thus in effect making them 4 times as good for storage.)
    Now, that might not be as good as 9x the storage but why are you making so much UU-Matter if you ain't using it? Make diamonds blocks if you foresee you are going to need lots of diamonds in the future. Or just build a massive warehouse to store all that UUM in, that in itself will be somewhat challenging (if you intend to automate it) which is pretty much the point of playing IC2.

  • I'm with Cadde on this one. Use the damn UU-Matter, that's the entire point to it. But one the topic of coal blocks and that, it would be a cool addition but would take up block ID's to cover something unrelated to IC2. The ores IC2 implement have mass storage and that's great. But I can't see the dev team coding in extra blocks for coal and redstone storage (even though it would be nice).