IC2 decompilation with MCP : patches now available

  • If you overflow a buffer then you'll be writing into memory that contains whatever the operating system put there. One run it could be unused memory, the next run the OS might allocate that space for another variable in your program. Hence, different results from the same code. I didn't say anything about changing the buffer size.

    Don't want to ruin your discussion, but we are talking about Java here, buffer overflows cannot happen in Java. ;)

  • referencing memory otside of application heap cause access violation runtime error without any chance to fix, windows will shutdown application.

    for java, something "random" may happen for volatile+weak referenced objects, since they may be garbaged and may be still alive at same time Schrödinger's object hayo, all other options not actually random.

  • Question,

    I believe I set everything up in MCP properly, but I have an issue I'm not sure I'm supposed to have. When I open Eclipse, the common folder isn't there. The src folder is and it has all of the forge and IC2 packages, but as I've been learning how to mod it always says use the common folder. Is the problem a mistake on my part or is that how it's supposed to be?



    I did everything again and had a thought that I derped.

    I set up a clean MCP environment after copying the IC2 source out and added it back to the minecraft and common folder in the src folder. Is that the correct process?