Industrial Warfare [Tekkit, Myhome, unrestricted pvp, Hard Difficulty, EE-Disabled]

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    Industrial Warfare is a tekkit version of the Hardcore Darwinism server which is based on the concept of a maximum difficulty world with unrestricted pvp. , greifing, theft, destruction is encouraged. Mobs hit harder, hunger degrades faster and the players are ruthless.

    The mod can be found here

    make sure to set the launcher to "tekkit" when installing (banner up in the corner)

    The server supports several commands. Some of which are:

    /tpa name (request a teleport to a player)
    /tpahere name (That they teleport to you)

    /Home set
    /break (to break IC personal safes)

    Hacking and cheating is not allowed.

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  • I will be experimenting with EE on the server with some other people to see what I can switch off to balance the mod and perhaps turn it on one day. The server will therefore be down for a few days while I work on it.

  • No I just put the name together myself as it seemed like a fitting name for a tekkit pvp server. I've never even heard of anyone named Mensrea.

  • This server doesn't support Tekkit so please leave this forum alone.


  • Well fuck it. I donate money to IC because its included in tekkit so anatomica may not support tekkit but I literally support this forum.

    Oh I remember this genius.

    I have a friend whos a hacker and he hacked into tekkits/technics and it
    shows atleast half of the donations are going to a foreign bank account
    which is owned by none of the mod authors that have there mods in
    tekkit/technic. Whos getting half the donations? O_O serious shit