[BUG 1.64] Toolbox Crasher

  • When your hotbar is filled with tools and your toolbox, and you have tools in your inventory, and you try to store them in the toolbox, the game crashes with a saving chunks dirt screen

  • The Same thing happened to me the only thing I would like to add is I had a hotbar full of Lapo's and tools in my inventory

    I had just tried it the opposite way (lapo's in my inventory and tools in my hotbar) and it didn't crash

  • It crashed when I wanted to test what happens when you don't have enough space for the stuff in your hotbar, so I put 8 fully charged batteries into the toolbox, three cropsticks into the hotbar and opened the toolbox. Minecraft crashed and I didn't get the changelog. When I restarted minecraft, the batteries were in my inventory and the toolbox had the something-is-inside-sprite. When I opened it with empty hotbar, Minecraft crashed with this crashlog ( ] is because of Smilies):

    EDIT: Just tried it with new toolbox, empty hotbar and 8 fully charged RE-Batteries. I put the Batteries into the toolbox. That worked. I took them out, same crashlog. After restarting, the batteries were in my hotbar and in the toolbox.

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  • Thanks, fixed it for next release.
    Do not pack 8 items into the toolbox and you will be fine. There's a small error causing that exception if
    -8 items are stored AND
    -there is not enough space on hotbar to distribute all items

    If you dont put more then 7 things into a toolbox, no crashes will occur.