Hand-macerator(ineffiecent), or Early Bronze

  • For those who would like bronze weapons and armor but not yet gotten deep enough for Redstone and therefor not in the 'electric' age yet, how about a hand-macerator of sorts? It won't work with everything of course, and would be inefficient. For example, it takes 3 copper and a tin ore at the crafting table with the hand-macerator to produces a dust of bronze (instead of the 4 dusts of bronze you could of gotten with the same ore) . It works sorta like the current IC1 treetap, and it would be helpful for those who would like bronze stuff and don't mind sacrificing viable ore. With the hand-macerator at the center on the craft table, it takes 2 tin ore, and 6 copper ore to make two bronze dusts, with the hand-macerator coming back to you like empty buckets for other recipes. The Hand-Macerator could be something simple to make, with flint, advanced iron, and a bit of wood for the crank.

  • Not at terrible idea. As long as you mean hand crank, not hand held.

    We did after all have bronze before electricity. Would make a good kind of middle ground between IC and Better than wolves. Which I would like to see a few "middle ground" devices between several of the MCForge compatible mods.

    But maybe that middle ground stuff should be done by someone other than the 4 greats.

    The 4 greats being Alblaka, SpaceToad, Flowerchild, and Eloraam.

    (I bow respectfully and shuffle off) :P

  • I like this idea, but I wouldn't say it was necessary. I would see the handcrank macerator at a similar tech level to the iron furnace. Something pre-electricity. Possibly using steam power (water+coal). However, it's quite a lot outside the whole design concept in my eyes. Macerators are still one of the earlier techs and it doesn't take long to obtain your first one. The ability to double your ore production should take a little while to achieve imo as it's a very powerful bonus.

  • Well, no. I pretty much mean hand-held. As in a small device used in workbench recipes to grind copper and tin ore. It's not meant for anything else other than grinding out bronze dust before you're deep in the mines.

    You're not doubling your metals per ore, in fact compared to having a macerator you're getting 1/4 less dust. It's just ment as a small boost in early bronze like it is for Treetaps and rubber.

    (edit because I thought my math was wrong but I'm pretty sure it's correct.)
    1 tin ore, 3 copper ore with macerator = 2 tin dusts and 6 copper dusts = 4 bronze dusts
    1 tin ore, 3 copper ore with proposed hand-macerator = single dust of bronze.

    MinecraftGhast = Empty Space
    :!: = Copper Ore
    :?: = Tin Ore
    MinecraftNotch = Hand Macerator

    On the workbench =
    MinecraftGhast :!: MinecraftGhast
    :?: MinecraftNotch :!:
    MinecraftGhast :!: MinecraftGhast = 1 Bronze Dust

    :!: :!: :!:
    :?: MinecraftNotch :?:
    :!: :!: :!: = 2 Bronze Dust

    The Hand-Macerator comes back to you like empty buckets in other recipes, so it's always reusable.

  • I was under the impression that it would follow the same doubling up as a macerator would. When you put it like that, I really like the idea. Basically a big mortar and pestle for ores. I don't think a handheld tool would work though. Would much prefer a machine for this purpose.

  • Nope.
    Bronze is meant to be a "cheap, yet durable" iron replacement for higher tiers. It's not meant to be achieved early one.

    As well, by the time you find tin, you already have found redstone, usually.

  • When I find Tin OR Copper i haven´t find redstone :(

    We're talking about IC² here :3
    Tin is found on the same layers as redstone. Before hitting redstone i merely found 3 pieces of Tin ore on my test world.

  • Ah, then there we go. Might as well close this topic then as I was not aware of the change to where tin is found.