Timmie's Server 20 SLOTS (NOT WHITELISTED) - Now Dedicated (RP2, BC, IC2 & More)

  • I used his. But it says its the v10 one. And that was the one he had up before he installed the Crafting Table 2.

    Edit: Nvm I got it working. I changed to a new computer and I guess some network settings were wacked out or something.

  • Is it possible to "claim" an area, or it isn't necessary? Found a mountain where i would build a house, but I don't know if somebody claimed it before. Didn't find any building or mineshaft tho... How does it work on this server?

  • If land is already claimed, you won't be able to build in the protected area.

    If you would like your land claimed so nobody can grief you. Just ask me. I will protect it for you.

    My IGN is Timmie3054.


    This Server is not worth your time, here are some reasons...

    1. The op (timmie) is very inmature and with out warning changes your name then teleports you to your house with Tnt in it.

    2. The op (timmie) tends to give "perks" to people at others expense.

    3. The whole time i was there the op (timmie) was being extreamly rude in his comments to me, the way he treated me and my creations.

    4. I have spent three days on the server buliding a new house .ect and it has all ended with me being banned for having a crop analizer in one of my chests (please note there is a duping bug with those things) and he asks no questions and just bans me. Please note this was when i left the server due to him and another player being very disrespectful. He followed me into my clans battlefield 3 server, then when i tell him to stop stalking me he made a little complaint to his friend that used to be in my clan, and due to all of that in a fit of rage he banned me.

    I have only stated four reasons on why you should not join this server, but there is many more.

    -Kyle (pilot)

    Head Of Sound And Lighting Production Of Assisi

  • Before anybody gets the wrong idea.

    Pilot737 abused a duping bug, via the Cropnalyzer. Pilot737 managed to get well over 3 stacks of Glass Fibre Cable, 20+ Stacks of Reinforced Stone/Glass. 10+ MFE, and I also found 16 diamond gears in his chests.
    I asked pilot if he had a cropnalzyer and he said no. I then proceeded to check his chests to see if he was lying. The very first chest I opened I found a cropnalyzer.
    There is no way pilot737 was able to receive the amount of diamonds that he had legit. He was abusing a dupe bug, and he was showing other members on the server how to do it. I should of banned him day one once he showed me, and fellow members the duping bug.
    I did not ban pilot737 because of abuse of this bug. It was his attitude he had against me that made me decide he was not fit for the server.

    Before you start pointing fingers at who is immature pilot, you best remember you came to my server, you should follow my rules. It killed me when you called me a asshole for changing your name, you act like that was a punishment. It was just a joke, and it was changed back on your request.

    You said you respect me, but why did you lie to me when I asked you if you had a cropnalyer? Why did you proceed to dupe items when I told you not to?. Shows a lot of respect you have. Your 14, so I guess I expect this kind of behavior from you.

  • Ok lets start again.
    I did not show you the bug, slatometa2 did why did you not ban him, oh wait you like to take sides.

    Also look at this post that looks like your mature well lets check my pm's, oh wait look at this rude message you sent me \/

    "Seriously, you are an ass hole.

    Just so you know, Slatometa2 showed me that bf3 server you where on. He told me that I can play on it when ever I want. Then for you to tell me to fuck off?... Then threaten me by saying if a member wants to join your going to kick me out.
    Seriously... I knew that you where duping items on my MC Server the whole time. Don't try and deny that, but because you where not really effecting anybody I let it slide, but because of what you said to me on your bf3 server. That's why you where banned.
    I allowed you on my server and I even let you get away with doing your duping bug. Then you go ahead and treat me like shit when I come on your server.

    I deleted everything you had on my server. If you want to come back you must start fresh, and If I catch you duping anything again I'm seriously going to ban you.

    I'm not an ass hole, but when you want to call me one, and encourage me to be one. Then I can be a total ass to you.

    Your attitude must also dramatically change. I don't care if you insult me in a joking matter, but when you cross that line and you personalize your insult towards me. Actions will be dealt appropriately"

    There is three key points i want to point out here.

    1. I left minecraft for battlefield 3 to get away from you being a asshole, then i sign in to a server BAM your there, please don't lie too you and slato were working as a team to troll like why would some one who lives half way around the world play on a 200+ ping server.

    2. I did not call you an asshole, i told you that i felt you were acting like a asshole and making my time on the server a pain.

    3. And now you asked if i want to come back. You know what the answer is NO!, the way you acted i will never go on your server again.

    Have fun trolling new members and tnt'ing there house, then banning them after they have asked you to stop.

    -kyle (pilot)

  • Pilot, stop replying to this thread if you don't want to come back.

    Just to clarify.
    1, I never banned Slatometa2 because he did not dupe anything. You duped stacks of diamonds. regardless if he showed me the bug. You abused it. So don't act like you where banned for no reason.
    2, I was on that server before you, so don't act like you where trying to get away from me by joining the server I was already on. Slatometa2 showed me the server and told me I can play on it when ever I want.

    Don't act like you had no reason to get banned. I had every right to ban you from my server. So stop trying to play the victim.

    I actually wanted to give you a second chance to join the server... Forget it your not coming back. Go play ssp kid.