Suggestion: Flashlight Helmet

  • Name: FlashLight Helmet

    It's rather self-explanatory, but made simple it would be a (yellow) Gold Helmet (as we don't use too much gold) + a torch, depending on if you want it to shine indefinitely or use battery
    Personally I would like it to be a fairly low tech system as I usually stop mining myself once I have a Quarry from Builcraft.

    Also I find it unforgivable to have nuclear reactor but be incapable of making light.

    Depend of how accessible you want it to be

    ps : on an unrelated note I liked needing 3x3x3 cube of water for nuclear reactor.

  • Thank you for your attention, of course, I must add that since YOU are the one actually coding the mod, it is auto-forgiven if it's impossible.
    I guess I can try to make the Dynamic Light mod work again.

  • Sure, if you get SpaceToad to code dynamic non-block-bound lights into the game.
    Otherwise, nope.

    Haven't dynamic lights been coded in before? There was the carryable torches mod, and there was the mining helmet mod. They did require alteration of like 5 base files, though.

  • Well, yes there a mod that is that but it do not make any light blocks or light lvl, it only make it so that you can see in the dark, but it do not make no light.