Dev Blog: Crops on SMP

  • I guess this means Batpacks still breaking?

    The version, which is the stable one is just 1.3.1 as it should have been. Lex fixed all the older bugs (and Typos...) and the version problem and whatever else was strange. He wants to get things right before adding new stuff.

    Try that out and let me know if it works for yall.

    You are correct, my build system is linked to the github repo.
    But the sourceforge is dead. You should not use it.
    El needs to contact me or ST to be added to the GitHub repo.
    Also if you have any other feature requests DO NOT send them to El, and DO NOT send them to me.
    There is a public forum and github has pull requests.
    You should bring things forward in a PUBLIC fashion.
    If I would of known someone needed something like this, I would of done it days ago.
    We're trying to move away from the cloak and dagger style of requesting Forge changes.

  • I know it's easier. Just not how things should be done :P
    Esp if you give them to El.
    She has her own mod and only works on forge when she feels like it.
    Not saying thats a bad thing. She should work on her own mod.

    If you make requests in public then both her and myself could do them.
    Or someone else in the community could write a pull request.

    Also it makes for better understanding of what you wanted and why if there is a public way of discussing it.

  • Thanks Lex. You been a big help or at least to me you have :)

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