How much DO single use coolants cool anyway?

  • I've been designing high-output CAUSC reactors, but for some reason my calculations keep being incorrect. I checked the wiki, but the values are different than on the nuclear engineering thread. So, how much DO ice and water buckets cool?

  • Bucket of Water is -250, Block of Ice is -300 and a Bucket of Lava is +2.000

    You should be aware that they only cool the hull if I'm not mistaken, but I'm not sure, since CASUCs don't use any components :P

    High output is easy... 6 Blocks of Ice or 7 Buckets, rest uranium-cells. I could see a problem with Ice, since it will most likely stack instead of seperating itself to the 6 free slots. So you should put a stack of Ice in every slot and refill them (they should never run out, so provide more than 6 Ice per second in this case). Would be 1820 EU/t for Ice and 1770 for Water (you could go for 1790EU/t with water, but you have 8 heat over, and need to cooldown every 15min).

  • hello blue, you are correct. CASUC reactors usualy dont use any components inside the reactor. and the bucket of water - ice blocks only cool HUL HEAT.

    right, time to get serious...
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