[1.70b] [SMP] Jetpacks

  • Did some more testing. It appears [electric] jetpacks are having other issues in SMP as well.

    While wearing an electric jetpack and 3 pieces of nano armor:

    -Mode key does not toggle hover mode. I tried a few different mode keys. If the mode key is held at the same time spacebar is held, ascent is slow, similar to hover mode. Hover mode works correctly in SSP.

    -Landing takes fall damage that appears to be related to the total vertical distance traveled. Taking off from the ground, going just a little ways up and then landing (using the jetpack to keep a low velocity) results in zero or very small fall damage. (~half a heart) If I take off from the ground (~y=66), fly to max height, and then land, I will take several hearts of damage, even if I slow my descent using the jetpack. Finally, if I take off from the ground, go to max height, and then descend to near ground (don't land) and ascend back to max height a few times, when I land I will die from fall damage no matter how gently I touch down. This behavior is not present in SSP.

    -Jetpacks do not give the 1.5 armor units they do in 1.64. This behavior occurs in SSP as well, not sure if it is intended.

  • I used an electric jet pack with s solar helmet and i was able to get it to run indefinitely during daylight. it seemed to be toggling on and off very quickly but the overall result was that it ran fine without a noticeable power deficit. i report this as a bug because letting it charge on the ground with the helmet and then flying it without the helmet doesn't yield anything close to a 1:1 ratio of charge time to flight time. For now you can fly pretty much forever in the daylight.

  • Same issue here. Jetpacks were fully functional on my server in 1.64 but no longer have proper hover mode in 1.71. Holding m slows my ascent, but the m key otherwise performs no function for the jetpacks. I tested my mining laser and that still works, my old one anyway.