[Suggestion] Lightning Rod

  • Would like to see a generator that harnesses lightning.

    Could only make it generate power when there is a storm.
    Graphically would be nice if it called down lightning on its self every so often.

    Should Generate like Randomly 512 - 1024 EU per strike but only gets hit every once in a while. Rate of strikes should be based on the Blocks in X range taller then the rod

    This would force players to have to put Power Converters to avoid blowing out Equipment

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  • Suggestion: Everyone who suggests Lightning Rods are banned. Forever.

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  • hahahahahaahahahahahahahahaa ever heard of search the forum this is about the 12 time i have seen this idea

    still rocking the GMA 950 card :D overclocked to the point of smoking. :huh: hahahahaha now i got my 525m now that thing does work 8) :P :D