[1.70] [SSP] Iron Fences [SOLVED]

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    Iron Fences can be stacked on top of one another, and if a player approaches the resulting pole while holding the Crouch button, he will quickly slide down the pole, much faster than down a ladder, but still not fast enough to receive fall damage upon touching the ground.

    The player is unable to slide down the pole under any tested conditions.

    Tested conditions:

    • Magnetized iron fence.

      • W/o boots.
      • W/ all metal boots. (Bronze|Iron|Gold|Static|Nano|Quantum)
      • From above and below Magnetizer.

    It would seem that the Iron Fences need to be unpowered to slide down them. No boots are required to slide down them.
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  • Hes refering to SSP (Check the title).

    Im guessing the magnetizer was properly powered right? (and well placed too, i think it need to be put bellow or above the iron fence to work).

    If it was then i guess magnetizer its just broken right now.

    As far as I know everything is correctly powered and placed. The fences are functional when going up, just not down.

    Edit: Solved the problem. Refer to my original post.