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    Minecraft is crashing any time I attempt to place an item from this mod.

    MC: 1.2.5
    IC: 1.97
    Transformers: 1.3

    I'm NOT using the loss fix.
    Anyone have any ideas where I've gone wrong?
    Below is the crash report.

    Hes refering to SSP (Check the title).

    Im guessing the magnetizer was properly powered right? (and well placed too, i think it need to be put bellow or above the iron fence to work).

    If it was then i guess magnetizer its just broken right now.

    As far as I know everything is correctly powered and placed. The fences are functional when going up, just not down.

    Edit: Solved the problem. Refer to my original post.


    Iron Fences can be stacked on top of one another, and if a player approaches the resulting pole while holding the Crouch button, he will quickly slide down the pole, much faster than down a ladder, but still not fast enough to receive fall damage upon touching the ground.

    The player is unable to slide down the pole under any tested conditions.

    Tested conditions:

    • Magnetized iron fence.

      • W/o boots.
      • W/ all metal boots. (Bronze|Iron|Gold|Static|Nano|Quantum)
      • From above and below Magnetizer.

    It would seem that the Iron Fences need to be unpowered to slide down them. No boots are required to slide down them.
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    Minecraft has crashed!

    You can edit the config so that full storage blocks will emit a redstone signal when it's full. It's off by default.

    From there I like to then divert the power elsewhere using splitter cables and an RS Latch. And then a timer to reset the flow of EU to the batbox. However that can get a little complex.
    I posted some more info on this, including an image on another thread. [link]

    I don't really like using detector cables.

    Is ignoring posts with bad punctuation really that hard? If his coding, or his friend's coding, really is as bad as his literacy skills, then this post would just fade away.
    But no, we've all got to turn it into a massive shitstorm. Over grammar? Really? Come on guys, we're better than this.

    WTF!? I actually need help and you're making a social experiment out of it? How about go onto reddit and try it, it'll yield more results as allot of people browse

    How is that a "social experiment"? Actually, don't answer that; I don't care.


    java.lang.RuntimeException: RedPowerCore: BlockID 250 exists, autoAssign is disabled.

    You have two options, one which you've already ignored but I'll repeat it:
    Turn on autoAssign in redpower's config (.minecraft/redpower/redpower.cfg)
    Edit the blockID 250 in IC²s config to something else. Breaking any existing IC² world.

    I hear there's also some ID resolver out there, but I haven't touched that and probably wont.

    I know they do that. I was asking if they also split EU packets, since a lot of people seem to use them for that even though it's not documented anywhere, and I was wondering if I was missing something or they're just misunderstanding it.

    They send current to any wire attached to them*; just like any other cable. There's no special functionality there.

    *When they're not receiving a redstone signal.

    If nothing else, I'd love to see an extra output slot in the macerator so we can stick a full stack of 64 ore.

    I'm aware that macerators are already really cool on their own, what with being able to double our ore and everything. But only 1/2 a stack at a time? There's nothing HAYOish about that.

    Do splitter cables actually enforce a 50-50 split like many people seem to think? Or is the redstone-triggered disconnecting their only function?

    From the wiki:


    The Splitter Cable is a special cable which prevents EU from flowing through it when a redstone current is applied.

    I can also confirm from my own testing. See my image above for an idea of what you can do with splitter cables.

    This prototype is my solution to sending spare power to a mass fab.

    The diagram below should hopefully be fairly self explanatory.

    The design is a little messy in the diagram but it should be fairly easy to expand and implement into a live scenario.

    There were a few things that I wanted to achieve here.

    • I wanted all my "house hold" machines to always have power. ie. Extractor, Induction Furnace, Macerator etc.
    • I also wanted to make a extra area charging tools or storing extra energy. Which could be later expanded on to include other systems, such as defence or teleportation. Just add the new system to the AND gate and you're good to go.
    • Finally, after all systems are powered, the leftover energy should be sent to the mass fab.

    The timer should be set long enough so that the other systems will get a nice helping of EU. But not long enough so that your "house hold storage" runs dry.

    I messed around a little with detector cables but couldn't come up with anything that compared to this design.