[1.7.1] Death by using a jetpack

  • Hi :)

    every time I use a electric jetpack and try to land I die. Even if I try to land very smooth and slow. How can I fix this?

    I'm playing on my private server and use a world generated in IC2 v. 1.42.


  • I know, but they were never THAT buggy that I die on every use :/

    @Edit: It looks like the game is calculating the flight-height as if I'm just falling that height, ignoring that im using the jetpack to slow my fall.

  • You can wear rubber (or Quantum) boots to reduce the amount of fall damage you take as well, but for the most part you just have to be wary of jetpacks in SMP.

    I just wish I had discovered this before setting up the fully automated rocket fuel facility.

  • Same issue here, and another thing is that on 1.70/1 you can't switch to hoove mode, its just active while keep the key pressed.
    Landing very softly with hoove mode on you die the same.

    Both bugs work fine on IC2 1.64.

    PS: I know that jetpack are bugged on SMP, but reporting bugs is the first step to resolve that.

  • I had a similar issue with a twist. for me jetpacks work flawlessly however if i use a jetpack in the nether fall damage seems to be a bit funny and the jet pack treats a landing like a fall from the starting height. additionally quantum boots will not protect you from fall damage in the nether as was stated on irc by the person who confirmed my bug

  • Hi All, I am running a private tekkit server and since the latest tekkit 2.0 update we are seeing exactly the same issue. Jetpacks used to be a little buggy but only in the nether, we never had issues in the overworld. But now in the overworld we cannot use the hover key anymore and cannot map it either and also die all the time when landing no matter how softly we try and land. Of all the items in the all the mods the jetpack is quite possibly imho the most awesome of them all, would hate to see it die a miserable buggy death.....

  • Yep, Shame they have to work as a psuedo-mid-air-jump, rather than using creative-type flight, which aside from not being buggy, also lets you actually be stable in mid-air, rather than absolutely having to land to do something, obviously defeating the purpose.