cant use generator in smp

  • i cant make the generator on my server i have try to craft it but when ill take it i get kickt from the server when i tried to spawn it it says no item with this id or somting need some help i have nothing on IC2 if i cant have a power generator

    i did read moste of the forum en even used adv search cant find it

  • i did copy the id's to the server config but it dont work
    and yes i did instal it i could use the solar helm and lappack and the other stuff but not the generator or somting else that generates enegrie

    btw sorry for my bad grammar

  • How would you know they're the only thing that isn't working if you can't craft a generator to get further?

    Short version: check all of your versions and re-download whatever you have a problem with in the modloader log file.

  • Modloader needs to be installed on both the client and server for IndustrialCraft to work, and any place that modloader is installed, it'll create a log file. My bet is still that you have differing item ids on server and client. Check your IC2.cfg on both and make sure all item ids match.