Mining laser Safety mode.

  • *search* Nop not there.

    This might not be possible, But I will throw this into the Idea bucket so it wouldn't be asked again. I hope.

    A safety mode for the mining laser. The mod can be turned on by the player, and it will behave like a hand would. or we could go all out by setting up "Safety Zones." when a Player enters a marked safety area the mining lasers will not function. They will be marked off in a 3D form like build craft does with the filling machine.

    Grefing factor? more then likely, but it will just remove the function in a given area. there could be a hard coded size limit.

    or Reminders that ping each time the player selects miner laser. stating the mode so you wont miss fire and kill yourself with Explosive mode.

    Queue the Bad Idea flames. But I believe this will help with the miss fires that results with something sizzling.

  • Kinda neat, kinda obsolete tho. Just switch to a different item (your hand for example) when you are near anything valuable.

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  • agreed, it's more convinient to just switch items, what if you had your laser set for safety mode and forgot to change it back and a creeper was sneaking up on you?

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