My Mines and Their Problems

  • So I have been mining with :Sticky Dynamite: creating 3x3 tunnels with a :Diamond Drill: at layer 8, 12, and 18. With 2 block spaces between each to achive a 100% :Industrial Diamond: recovery rate.

    Well I had my fun now I want to start a 100% chunk recovery of water, lava, and all other things valuable. So using the best possible minners (I plan on using 4 auto miners), I will be drilling in a in the highest possible patern 9x9 per minner. My main problem with this is I keep loosing mining pipes, about 3-5 per full extraction operation. Does anybody else have this problem?

    Would it be better if I use chests next to the miners, do they grab mining pipes? Anyways back to my server to see if it works.

    Also not releated to IC, does anybody have problems getting music boxes to work, I've almost collected all the disks on my server but Half the time I can't get them to play.

  • How have you been collecting your ore thus far? Yes. Placing a chest next to your miner is a Good Thing. In fact I recommend a double chest.
    Place your miner on level 64. Place a pump next to it. Put Empty Cells in the top slot of the pump.
    Place a double chest to touch both the miner and the pump
    Put in your OV scanner, 64 mining pipes and your drill.
    Wait until it's finished mining.
    Put a stack of cobble in where the mining pipes go
    NOW remove your drill and OV
    The miner will backfill the hole with cobble as it pulls out the mining pipes.
    NOW you can move the miner, pump and chests to the new spot.

    I also suggest you carry some yellow wool or some Bricks with you when you're moving your miner(s). Place the wool or brick where the miner was and you'll have an easily-spotted marker where you've already been. Makes it very easy to ensure you aren't missing any turf.

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  • If you make personal safes they behave the same as ordinary chests which don't react with other chests but have the space of two.