[1.95+SMP][DEBUG]DebugCrop v4.0 - What the heck is this crop doing, anyway?

  • DebugCrop is a simple mod containing a debug crop, Martian Sawgrass, that I wrote to figure out why fertilizer and hydration cells didn't seem to be working like the code said they should. It should also serve as a fairly simple example of a CropCard mod (the source is included, just extract it.).

    To use: Place DebugCrop_VERSION.zip in your mods/ folder.

    Martian Sawgrass is a slow-growing crop that looks like reed and produces cobblestone if harvested. Good luck with that. Left clicking on Martian Sawgrass produces one seed of each type (including those added by other CropCard addons). Right-clicking on Martian Sawgrass produces debug output in the chat log instead of harvesting. The debug output contains the plant's GGR, growth stage and progress, and statistics about the environment.

    Since v4.0, you can obtain Martian Sawgrass by simply planting cobblestone in a crop block. It's a strange "seed", but it has the advantage of being very easy to obtain.

    Needless to say, this is not intended for actual farming.

    Version history:
    v1 - Initial release
    v2 - Left-clicking on Martian Sawgrass will now produce one seed of each type.
    v3.0 - Upgraded all of my CropCards:

    • Textures are now preloaded to reduce visual gitches.
    • CropIDs are explicitly set to 100+ to ensure future save compatibility. (THIS BREAKS OLD SAVES! You can fix your save, at least until something else steals the old IDs, if you change the IDs in config/DebugCrop.cfg. You'll have to experiment to find the IDs each crop was using; the old IDs were 16-19, with DebugCrop being the only constant at 16.)
    • Synchronized version numbers, at least for now.
    • Version number is now in the file name, so you'll be able to obtain copies of and see download counts for any version 3.0+.
    • Dropped the z from the file name, as I figured out how to ask ModLoader to load me after IC2.

    v3.1: Actually creating the config file so it can be edited is probably slightly useful...
    v3.2: Updated all my addons to IC2 v1.90. Also fixed my config file handling, again. Old settings are going to be lost, but since it wasn't managing to respect them anyway, that's not so bad.
    v3.3: Updated all my addons to IC2 v1.95. Just a straight recompile on the new version.
    v4.0: Added SMP support to all my addons. DebugCrop can now be planted by using cobblestone as a "seed".

  • Grats on making the first crop card and thanks for including the source im downloading it to check it out after ive checked the source

    The difference between a noob and a scrub is there is hope for a noob they can learn, a scrub on the other hand thinks they know better or dont care enough to learn or get better

  • Nice debugging tool, thanks for this :)

    I couldn't find your level.dat, but was able to acquire this crop using pymclevel, using something like this: (assuming a growing crop near 0,0)

    1. import mclevel
    2. world = pymclevel.fromFile("world/level.dat")
    3. chunk = world.getChunk(0, 0)
    4. chunk.TileEntities[0]["cropid"].value = 100
    5. chunk.chunkChanged()
    6. world.saveInPlace()