Is there away to prevent people from posting on your thread? Or delete somones reply.

  • I have my own post advertising my server.

    Whenever someone joins my server and starts causing trouble, like abusing bugs, Griefing, or being disrespectful. I end up banning the individual and so far I have banned about 4-5 people and each time the individuals will always go to my server post and proceed to reply to the thread telling other people not to join my server, and continue to bad talk me for my judgment.

    Anything I can do?

  • Open forums are a double-edged sword. Everyone's allowed to say what they want, and the only people who decide its propriety are the owners of the server hosting it (sound familiar?)

    If people trash talk on your thread, report them if it violates forum rules, ignore them if it doesn't. At most, all you'd need to do is reply and note that such behavior is why they were banned in the first place - let others make their own decisions. But don't stoop to their level - actinglike they do only clouds the issue.

    • Official Post

    PM me and provide the links of people acting up in inproper manners. I don't have the time to read every post in every thread, but will always take necessary measures if somebody reports an inproper post.