[suggestion] Unlockable Iron Chests in SMP (which would work with BC/RP transport tools)

  • Iron Chests shouldn't need to be locked. Maybe you want to take advantage of their benefits over a wooden chest (opening even inside walls, taking up less space, creeper-proof). Maybe you want to deposit things in to them, or maybe you just want to share with everyone on the server from a receptacle that can only be removed by you or an operator.

    Please add an 'Unlock' / 'Lock' button to the Iron Chests so this can be an option.

    • Official Post

    Lock/Unlock-Button no, whats about a small Table with all the players, who can take items out of that chest for CO-OP, but you will still be the only one, who can break the chest or add people to it's Table.

  • The players table idea had better populate from the currently online list (plus maybe the white/op list; except ops already have that).

    A whole permissions system sounds like a pain and actual effort to code; where as locked/unlocked should be easy enough.