Minecraft updated to 1.2.4, will v1.81 still work if I install it?

  • Since the question has been somewhat dodged and not really answered, I would like to re-ask it: is there an update planned for 1.2.4, or are we stuck at 1.2.3?

    It's not much of an update, but the unavailability of the earlier server jars presents an annoyance if you happened to miss the window to download it. MLMP has recently been updated to 1.2.4. I can't imagine there are too many wrenches porting from 1.2.3->1.2.4. Still, would be good to know if it's planned or not so people don't keep asking. Then again, there's no news on Buildcraft or Redpower being updated, either.

    I've been following buildcraft dev for a few days and found that they have started porting to 1.2.4. Time will tell.

  • TNT ghosts were greatly reduced but are still there, Dinnerbone has acknowledged that and they will be fully fixed in the next version. Also RIP block transmuter, RIP signs being edited wiping when receiving redstone on SMP.

    Good news is that sources inform that there will be no 1.2.5.

    "jeb_: The plan for 1.2.5 is to prepare the build today but release it as a snapshot, to give MCP and bukkit a few days to prepare"

    Mother..... ;(

  • Looking forward to an updated version. Typically, just as I went to update to 1.2.3, I didn't realise the minor increment, and now nothing works. Plus, I've got issues with the server which is going to require a full-on reset, so I might as well wait until we have a proper 1.2.5 version out and about.

    Cheers for all the work you guys have put into this, and look forward to the next increment! :thumbup:

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