Villagers made a pact with creepers to kill you!

  • So i started a fresh game of IC2 tonight, i was lucky enough to spawn near a village ( Seed: -853257838 )
    After about an hour of play i had a nice stockpile of supply's and a few machines in a house i moved into.
    this is all good and fine till while i had my back turned while crafting, a villager opened my front door and let a creeper into my cozy home.
    SSSSssssSSSsssss *POOF!*
    My point, wooden doors are no longer a safe option.

    Alblaka says:

    "People using their intellect in attempts to discuss other people into the ground could be considered less intellectual then people using their intellect for something beneficial :3"

  • I tried living in a village, and got sick of people walking in and out all the time. I'd never stay there unless I had an iron door with a lever, or something similar. Easier to just live somewhere else.

  • when zombies smashing doors came out someone came up with a very cheap way to zombie proof his house. PUT A BLOCK IN FRONT OF THE DOOR! or live in the church and install a trap door leaving the bottom floor as a "public meeting place"/"piston mob grinder"

    true balance is impossible in video games the best one can hope for is to make it really hard to guess which of 2 choices are better.