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    As far as I know mods are meant to change the existant code. I am not talking about anyone's fault, I simply saw a feature that could be in IC2 that isn't right now. Maybe it doesn't serve of any purpose to enable pistons moving IC2 blocks, but I think someone would find interesting for some bizarre machine.

    this feature can't be in IC2 right now cause piston can't move tile entities, and the only people that can fix that is mojang. hence its mojangs fault

    ThIs is a good idea! I believe that cobwebs should have a vannila recipe, but in the meantime this would work too. How about instead of just applying sticky resin to string, have Steve weave it together (like TNT, but string instead of sand).

    that's basically option one but the number of string that would be implemented in the recipe isn't set in stone at this time

    as fenixr would say "anything can be used to grief grow a pair"

    personally i don't need this I would use existing explosives or build where there isn't any grass (volcano's, deserts, frozen lakes, shallow swamp waters, in the air)

    1) chainsaws function as shears which 1hit cobwebs and drop string
    2) cobwebs are decorative items a uum recipe would be prohibitively expensive if some one wanted to use cobwebs to make clouds and factory exhaust.
    3) according to the MCwiki cobwebs can't be obtained in survival even by silk touch

    EDIT: i just realized #4 doesn't work cause you can't move the webs afterwards they just turn into string

    so boiled down this is about making cobwebs with stuff from industrial craft which can be useful for decoration(smoke stacks, cooling towers, evil labs under haunted houses, etc..) and traps.
    i have listed 4 ways to go about this in the attached poll. Vote for the way you think will be best, and comment why you think so.

    --chopper dashboard cam activated--
    --ocupants identified: Leo(owner/pilot), passingurker(iz an awesome hazorpassenger), i don't now (passenger), nanomanz (passenger)--
    leo: we should be nearing the rendezvous with gregs rescue ship
    lurker: *grunt*
    leo: when we get there are you finally going to let us in on this big world saving secret that you keep alluding to?
    lurker: *grunt*
    leo: ok 1 grunt for yes 2 grunts for no
    lurker: grun-GGAAAAHHH!!!
    leo: what the crap! are you alright!
    lurker(in pain): NNoO! ItS LiKe A VoIcE Of RaGe eChOiNg AcRosS tHe MuLtIVerSe! I dOn'T HaVe MuCh TiMe TaKe THis!!
    *shoves note at leo and leeps from chopper*
    *pokemon evolve music*
    *godzilla scream*
    all: whoa!
    i don't know: the energy he is emitting is off the charts! I'm reading huge spambot activity! we have to get out of here!
    leo: hold on hitting afterburners!
    nanomanz: that was the most creative use of melon I have ever seen
    leo: why thank you
    nanomanz: so what did that note lurker gave you say?
    *passes back note*
    --back seat cam activated--
    note: super secret ancient knowledge of how to reforge the core if it ever got turned into spambots in 5 easy(near impossible) steps
    1) find the heart of the asshole(fenixr) and combine it with the weapon of the chosen one(T10a's portable tesla coil) to create what what all spambots fear(spambot repulsion field transmitter)
    2) unlock the gate to every where(disable a teleport pads dupe guards) and spread the fear across the world(dupe-teleport the repulsion field transmitter to every pad simultaneously(your going to need a crap load of power))
    3) the spambots shall flee and the warmth of the earth shall come from its hiding place(under intense weight and friction of all the bots trying to put as much distance between them and the field as possible the bots at the core will melt creating a chain reaction that will reform the mantel)
    4) ???
    5) profit
    i don't know: do you think lurker will be alright?
    *giant ball of spambots slams in to distant mountain*
    *godzilla-like nuclear-breath-beam fires into ball of spambots*
    leo: i think he can handle himself

    already suggested and denied

    this is your second offence and first warning use the search bar to determine if what you are about to post has been posted before if it has then don't start a new thread.

    if i may wax religious for a sec I like to follow the rule of "in the mouth of two or three witnesses shall every word be established" simply put he won't believe it and will keep going if he only hears "its denied" from one person

    ok here is an idea you will need the following
    1) 2 batbox's
    2) 3 batpaks
    3) 2 filters
    4) some tubes
    5) a counter
    6) red allow wire

    you'll have to work out assembly but the concept is you use tubes to pass a charged batpak from a batbox on generator side to a bat box on the machine side and back and then count the number of times the batbox runs out