[MC 1.2.4] IC² Test Release 1.90

  • Let's try this: 32 water, 4 hops, 1 wheat, first brewing stage - get zero.

    EDIT: Worth noting everything I brew results in metadata 0.
    EDIT2: Converted tR:0 hR:6 sR:0 count:31 type:1 into 6265
    EDIT3: The meta is properly set but then gets lost.

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    Yes creative, will only be able to test any further tomorrow

    Given the whole system worked fine in my 30 hours of testing (SMP play with a mate of mine, using my privledges on obtaining unreleased dev builds for personal advantage), except for a few unrelated bugs, I strongly assume the issue is related to Creative Mode. Because i admittedly didn't bother to test it anywhere outside of Survival.

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    Hey, sorry about this, but I get the below error report in my modloader.txt when I launch MC. 1.2.4, fresh jar with Modloader, ModloaderMP (SDKs), Forge (Latest) and Audiomod

    EDIT: RichardG suggested i decrement the build number in the URL. This was with build 153, 152 seems to work for me :).

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    I think i've gotten everything sorted -- for the most part :).

    Looks like i can plant coffee beans directly, but not hops. Guessing theres a hops seed packet (which I'll just mention in the video). -- These were hops i obtained from TMI.

    Also -- cold coffee can be cooked into 'Dark' coffee, but then you can cook 'Dark Coffee' again into dark coffee, not sure if thats a bit of a bug.

    You can also drink cold coffee, which seems to have the same effects as Dark coffee. Is there a difference?

    Also -- Recipe book (Risugamis) has 40 pages of 'blank' recipes where IC2 items should be shown, and CraftGuide sends me straight to "Saving Chunks" when I try to open it. Not sure if thats IC2 related or not, but the saving chunks doesn't happen if i remove IC2.jar from my mods folder.

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    Aaaaand the videos up :) (Set to private, so no one can see it without the link. Just let me know if it looks good and i'll make it public, if i got anything wrong, tell me and i'll correct).


    -If a treetap is stuck into the barrel, the fermenting process is halted.
    -About 4:45 you start clicking like mad, probably mention that the barrel is empty > you only put 2 water in.
    -You can pull treetaps from any barrel by leftclicking it once.
    -5 different Stages of Brewing, not four
    -Booze works different from normal potions and will generally STACK effects. Drinking more yields stronger AND longer lasting effects, depending on the quality of booze (potions do not).
    -All durations got some severe buffs in the 1.90 version, given the drinks were far UP, compared to 24:00 minutes of speed for 1 Netherwart, 1 Redstone and 1 Sugar.

    Cept for that, excellent video tutorial, manythanks.


    Also -- cold coffee can be cooked into 'Dark' coffee, but then you can cook 'Dark Coffee' again into dark coffee, not sure if thats a bit of a bug.

    Now, noone stops you from heating up your Coffee more... It's "sort" of an unintended side effect, couldnt bother to code a workaround.

    Cold Coffee stacks far less then Dark Coffee. Latter one can bring you up to Potion Level 5.

    As well, you missed out on the Sugar&Milk 'd Coffee :P

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    Ok, working on the new vid :) just need a few pieces of info:

    Whats the recipe for the cropmatron/Weedex/Iron scaffold? (See below on craftguide NPE)

    Cropmtron seems pretty straight forward -- give it items and power, and i guess it automatically takes care of your crops, should i place it in the center of a field? Whats the range? Any details otherwise? Also, whats the EU consumption?
    Weedex -- Does it reduce or elminiate the chance of weeds, and how long does it last?
    Iron Scaffolds -- whats their purpose?

    Craftguide is still NPE'ing with IC2 in 1.90