Question: Subterranean Rubber Trees?

  • Okay, I tried growing a subterranean rubber tree, seeing as I spawned in a Dessert with Infinite Biomes on. (Needless to say, that's never a good thing for starting out with). The sapling stayed in its dirt patch through three of a normal tree's growth cycles. I was wondering if this is deliberate or if it's an unintended consequence, or if it's not coded for subterranean growth yet... Or if my area wasn't big enough (5 x 5 x 10). I know it's well-lit, 4 torches, one per wall. :)

    Thanks in advance. ^^

    PS I'm guessing treetaps don't work on player-placed logs? O.o

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    Trees are weird. Since their growth is modeled as a 1/30 (if I remember right) chance of popping out of their respective sapling each time the world goes through and checks, I've found that their growth periods can range anywhere from near-instantaneous to (in uncommon, but not unheard of cases) in-game weeks.

    Or maybe it's like a watched pot. I don't think I've ever actually had a tree grow while I was looking at it... 8|

  • I tried to grow some rubber trees underground and it didn't work for some minecraft weeks (was idling in minecraft while doing other stuff). I now placed some grass near them and after it spread under the sapling it grew in less than a day. So either you need to place grass, crafted from UU-Matter, in your tree farm or you need to build a grass stair down there at some point. I am not sure, but if that is intentional, maybe rubber saplings shouldn't be able to be placed on dirt, only on grass.