Bug [IC2 1.81] MInecraft suddenly randomly closes

  • Not that I have any clue what I am talking about. =) But it looks like inventory tweaks (invtweaks) tried to do something it couldn't, and may have caused the crash. I'd try running with out that mod, for a bit, and see if it still happens. Could be an incompatibility between invtweaks and IC2. And 1 or the other would need to adjust to compliment the other. But again, this is just me taking a stab in the dark. As I can't make much sense out of the logs yet.

    Other things to try, would be the last version of forge for 1.2.3, ( I think it was. Could be that it was a problem in forge that made the 2 not work together.

  • This is my first time reading MCPatcher error reports, but it looks like you have incompatible versions of HD Textures, Better Grass, Random Mobs and Custom Colors... or maybe they're just being confused by the change in Forge versions. Try it with Forge .57 while you're testing anyway.

    Um, also remember the current version of minecraft is 1.2.4, so maybe you should check if you downgraded to 1.2.3 successfully (i.e. check that your backup is actually 1.2.3 or that you applied mcnostalgia correctly).

  • how do u run it with command prompt again?

    give me a moment and i will create a batch file for you

    EDIT: Here ya go. I created it assuming you have the minecraft.jar client and not the exe but i can change it easily if you use the exe.

    Inside the zip file is the batch file, extract it to your desktop and run it.

    A black window will pop up and shortly after minecraft will launch, play it like normal and when minecraft closes the black window will contain your error and a pause sequence.

  • Im pretty sure this didnt have anything to do with my previous problem but I got this error when trying to get the recipe of a generator in NEI:

    Edit: if you want i can get the error off the command prompt thing but i dont know how to copy and paste in that

    Edit: nvm figured it out. heres the error from the command prompt (in attachment)