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    Ok. I've thrown my brain into a loop here, and can't find my way out.
    I'm trying to get started in a new world using IC2 w/ GT, BC, Railcraft, Forestry.

    I get the GT changes the macerator recipe. Now I need diamonds and an advanced circuit.
    To get the advanced circuit I need glowstone dust. (Need to go to the nether)
    Flint and steel to open the portal requires steel.

    To get steel I need to either use the railcraft blast furnace, or throw copper dust into to the Industrial centrifuge.
    But to get the copper dust I need the macerator, then also need the industrial centrifuge (which also needs 2 advanced circuits) to get the nickel needed to make the industrial blast furnace.

    Am I missing some other way to open the nether portal? A way to get glowstone dust with out needing the macerator? (I know you can use gold dust and redstone, but still don't have the macerator to make the gold dust)

    Someone please set me in the right direction.

    Well. I'll not write you a manual but tracking bugs is fairly simple.
    You click on 'View Issues' on the top menu bar.

    Clear the filter (search box) to see all issues, use the column headers to sort by that column.

    Enter keywords into the search box to find issues relating to the bug you want to see if it has been reported already.

    TFC uses mantis, as long as people take the time to search and use good titles, it's pretty nice.

    As for how to help, that you'll need the IC2 team to answer.

    *Edit* Looks like it's a Compact Solar thing. Same crash with better cable *Edit*


    I dropped a LV array onto a tin cable. (oops)

    Anyway. It crashed MC with this error.

    Logging back in crashes with the same error.
    Not sure if this is on compact solars end or IC's, so I'll put it here just in case.

    Wait, what?

    You are just trying to play minecraft, correct?

    MCP is needed when you are trying to write a mod.

    I think you downloaded the wrong version of forge. You need to download the universal version not the src version, src is for mod developers.

    Nothing has changed in the instal procedure from 1.90 other then you don't need to install modloader or modloaderMP anymore.

    Drag the forge files into the minecraft.jar like you did before... Put IC2 and your other mods into the mods folder.

    Look at the IC2 config file for the server. Look at what the block ID is for the iron furnace.
    Then look at the client IC2 config file, see if the Iron furnace has the same ID.

    The Item IDs need to match.

    I believe you need to open up the IC2 jar, and remove the NEI thing in there, and replace it with the one you downloaded.

    But don't take my word, (Hint: Search for the other thread about it. Hint #2: It's still on the first page, in this very section of the forums) I haven't updated NEI, so mine still works.

    Sounds like ID conflicts to me.
    You'll need to look at what the console actually says, or paste it here in spoiler tags, so people around here can help you better.

    Just knowing what the last words are doesn't help all that much.

    The newer versions of forge do away with regular modloader as well. (135 and up, maybe even a few versions prior)

    What program do you use to add the files into the jar?
    What's your process? Are you fully extracting the jar, adding the files then recompressing it?

    The issue with sideways machines has only been for people running bukkit and/or multiverse(worlds) what ever it's called.

    The fact you are having trouble getting MC to run with only forge (newer versions), makes me think there is something else wrong with how your installing, or something else on your system. I'd look at that as the issue of whats wrong with your current install as well.