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    This is what i do...

    1. Install all the mods you need to begin playing MC
    2. Search for texture pack you want.
    3. Place chosen texture pack into "texturepacks" folder
    4. Load MC
    5. switch to the texture pack
    6. Eye candy all day

    That is seriously all you need to do. I AM running the 128x Sphax Pure DBcraft with IC2, Buildcraft3, redpower 2 transformers and few other addons for it. You do NOT need all that other crap (MC patcher) to load texture packs.

    If you are getting an error with following my steps then it is NOT because of the texture pack, I would suspect MC patcher or some other mod your running.

    Been playing in this server for about 2 weeks now, and from what i can tell this server has been the best i have seen so far. There has been hiccups here and there with outside issues (hosting company which is changing) Other than that the server performs an automatic restart roughly every 3 hours which keep issues down. The only problem i have seen so far was one person not managing his 3-5 quarrys properly and it was overflowing his chests and he had like a million(literally) items on the ground and it was making the whole server lag. Luckly though iambrendon was on and to locate and remove said items quickly.

    So far the player base is still pretty low but hopfully that will change (cough cough get on the server people cough cough).

    Overall: Great server, so stop reading this and signup to join! DO IT NOW!

    In-Game Name: Anuanu4

    Age: 29

    Experience with Minecraft: uh...been playing of the betas maybe 1.7.3? I'm not a pro, but i know enough to manage(and i know how NOT to explode a reactor)

    Previous Bans? (List reasons): None

    Why do you want to be white-listed? Not really sure, been looking for a server that "matches" my play style but i really haven't found one. I've run my own server quite a few times but usually only close friends play(generally 3 or 4 friends). Just looking at the mods you publicly show that your running seems to be good enough in my area.

    Seriously, I must ask this. Solar energy is derived from light. Any light.

    Techically its UltraViolet light, and of all the light the Sun makes UltraViolet is only 46% of it. Solar panels use this type because its wavelength is best for bumping electrons loose in the solar cell to "create" energy. Of that 46% the Sun produces when its night time the moon only reflects 0.5% of that 46%. The lights in your house work for "certain" solar cells because they push electrons around basically making them bombard what ever solar collector you might have inside the house. With that being said this is why atificial light (i.e. torches, lighters, Fire) will not work, ever.

    I decided to give this server a shot and here is what i saw/noticed:

    First and for most the dynamic map was not up to date and was not viewable. - Easily fixable

    While i was in the server there was 2 active players and 1 afk (3 total) They were extreamly nice and wanted to help me get going.

    I noticed some lag, finish reading this sentence before assuming anything. Right off the bat i noticed the lag, so i checked my FPS and i was sitting around 240-260 dpending on the direction i was looking. I next hit TAB to check the latency and my bars showed full green. Just to make sure i did a LONG ping test with google and i was averaging 15ms with 0 loss. Without actually pinging the server i was unable to tell what the latency actually was. One of the members mentioned the server is hosted in EU which is understandable as i live in the good 'ol USA.

    Outside of that with your mod pack i noticed there were chunkloading (graphical) issues. Wether this was the server struggling or the latency issue sending to me i do not know.

    And last but not least, the server spawn was kinda of wierd as it took me a minute to actually figure out how to get out of that hole.

    Other than that everything else looked good :) when i get home tonight i send a ping at the server(assuming it accepts echo requests) and see what the latency to me is.

    EDIT: Looks like the average latency for me in that server is 150ms, seems about right for the amount of lag i was seeing. Performing a trace route i was able to determine that the server is located in or near Germany and it looks like the trace route hit france which is were the largest part of that lag is coming from...jumps from 80ms to 140ms.

    how do u run it with command prompt again?

    give me a moment and i will create a batch file for you

    EDIT: Here ya go. I created it assuming you have the minecraft.jar client and not the exe but i can change it easily if you use the exe.

    Inside the zip file is the batch file, extract it to your desktop and run it.

    A black window will pop up and shortly after minecraft will launch, play it like normal and when minecraft closes the black window will contain your error and a pause sequence.

    They don't FULLY protect against fall damage, a good amount of blocks still gives some damage.

    Just a couple of days ago i had no idea the quantum boots did that, untill i was just messing around and found that the boots will allow you to not take any damage from falling a great distance.

    My land was at like y=65 and i didnt start taking heart damage untill i was falling somwhere between y=150 and y=200, around 100 blocks!

    when i download v8.55 of ic for minecraft version 1.2.4

    wtf? That version doesnt even exist! Did you mean 1.81? If so then 1.81 is meant for minecraft 1.2.3

    To run IC2 you need 3 files and thats it, If you read the thread on how to install it located HERE you will see that you need modloader, modloaderMP and Forge.

    Those 3 go directly into your minecraft.jar file and the IC2 mod goes into your mods folder.

    So what you're saying is that i can not easily move my machines even with a wrench, and always have a chance of them getting downgraded?

    To use the Wrench to remove a machine, simply right-click the machine.
    The Wrench's removing mechanic will override the machine's interface-- don't hold a wrench when you want to use your machines!

    Without the Superwrench 100% mod; there is a chance (Aprox 70-90%
    success rate) that when you do, the machine will not be successfully
    removed and instead you'll be left with a gutted Machine.

    It's also worth noting that any items or energy stored in the machine will be lost when it is dismounted.
    Shift/sneek clicking will move the output / selected face of transformers to the opposite side.