Reactor Design: "Space Invader" Rev.3 [Mark I-ED @ 60EU/t]

  • NOTE: It wasn't until after posting this (Murphy's law) that I noticed some glaring issues with the design. Those will be fixed shortly. I have fixed the flaws

    Design Brief:
    After playing around with reactors for a bit, I've come up with a Mark-I reactor that I'm reasonably happy with. This core design requires all six reactor chambers to be attached, and needs a full water sheath around the central core to avoid an overheat. Other than that, this unit has a decent output at 60EU/t, though at an unfortunately low efficiency rating of 1.5. In the event that you do not need 60 EU/t or wish to achieve a higher efficiency rating you could easily remove some of the single rods and their surrounding coolant cells, this will also reduce construction and operation costs.

    Reactor Design:

    Breeder Capabilities:
    This reactor can be configured to support low-efficiency negative breeding by swapping the central uranium rod for the isotope to enrich. Replacement of cooling cells with water buckets and/or removal of some cells is recommended for faster breeding.

    Required Construction Materials:
    1 Nuclear Reactor
    6 Reactor Chambers
    35 Coolant Cells
    11 Integrated Heat Dispersers

    Required Operation Materials, per cycle:
    8 Uranium Cells

    Technical Data:

  • still testing mine, but i think i may have a mark 1 with 100 eu output ..uh how do i insert an image.. it says put the URL in... im not very good with this stuff.... but the diea of my reactor was to focus all the heat toward to groups of coolant, with coolant placed in areas to take the edge off the heat will it comes. there are 2 groups of 4 cells, using plates,heat dispersers, and coolant to push the heat toward the coolant groups. dont know the effiency yet.. but if it goes like it is now, it will constantly push through uranium cell after uranium cell. currently (40 minutes in) some dont have heat bars, and ones that do are basically full.

  • You'd want to use your own thread for that. Also, be careful if you use the standard plates; they're bugged and currently overcool components.

  • I've tested your design and after an hour of play ...
    See the screenshot below :

    The coolant cell in the middle can't handle with the 4H/t of the Uranium cell below and the Heat dispenser above doesn't seems to cool it enough (I think it's because it receive 4H/t from above and has only 2H/t left to redistribute). So on the calculus the difference is equal to zéro but in fact some of your components can't handle with the heat distribution :(

  • Try to swap this cell with the HD above it.

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  • No because the coolant cells on the left and the right of the HD will be disconnected if we swap the HD with the overheated cooling cell

  • Oh, my bad...

    Cutiemark crusaders - engineers, Yay!
    Blown up: Industrial Blast Furnace, Industrial Wiremill, Singularity compressor, Extractor.