Bug or the ultimative Breeder?

  • Hi there,

    while I was looking for a design for my breeder, I developed this reactor: http://www.talonfiremage.pwp.b…lt4h6rab0zs121u67mmnie58g

    The "stand-by" heat remains constant at 3 and while it "breeds" the heat rises up to just 7. The bug/ultimative thing: It does not take longer than 20 seconds to make 4 re-enriched uranium cells.

    Is this really a ultimative design or is this just a bug or something like that?

  • I tested it already. I have made now 2 stacks of re-enriched uranium cells and every time it takes just about 20 seconds to finish the process.

    I am talking about a possible bug in the game, because the reactor heat at start is 3 and in about 20 seconds it produces 4 re-enriched uranium cells.

    I gave me the depleted uranium cells via creative mode. I think it is not a bug related to creative mode because this just happens with my breeder. Other breeders still need a long time to finish one cycle.

  • Spawned isotope cells start off at full health and with that design there is a 25% chance each reactor tick that uranium cell will try to recharge the isotope and thus cause it to imediately change into a fully charged cell.

    To test the design properly, spawn yourself some near-deleted uranium cells and some coal dust, then manually combine the two to make empty isotopes.

    Edit: If I've made a wrong assumption somewhere, then I'll have to make a note to test it later when I'm next able to play MC

  • Tried it by making the exact same setup, then put four buckets of lava to heat it up. Nothing special happened.

  • Ok, this is creative mode related. When using properly created depleted uranium cells, one cycle takes as much time as with other breeders.

    So no super special breeder, it was just because I was in creative mode.