• I've recently got into potion making, and I have discovered one very annoying hindrance

    potions don't stacks

    now every time I go out to make a map, or simply go on a monster hunt I end up running out of potions. I'm sure many of you have run into a similar problem.
    So why not make a solution? I propose that syringes be added into the game, they would work like this:

    • you brew your potions, could be any potion.
    • you then take some empty cells
    • put both a potion and an empty cell into the crafting grid
    • the result should be a potion cell, same as a potions bottle except you can't drink it and they stack
    • next, take a potion cell and a syringe, put them in the crafting table and you get an empty cell and a potion syringe, the latter of which can be stacked.
    • when you need it simply take out the syringe, inject, and you get the effect that the potion intended

    Recipe for syringe:
    :Refined Iron: :Mining Pipe :Mining Pipe

    :Mining Pipe :Empty Cell: :Mining Pipe

    :Mining Pipe :Mining Pipe :Advanced Machine:

    :Mining Pipe = nothing
    :Advanced Machine: = CF sprayer(empty)

  • +1 but no splash potion syringes
    there seems to be a rift between those who want purely technology and those who will accept magic perhaps all items and machines meant to blend the 2 together should be implemented as an officially supported but separate addon (speaking of blending magic and technology has any one actually suggested an enderdragon egg powered generator yet? like its own thread and everything?)

    true balance is impossible in video games the best one can hope for is to make it really hard to guess which of 2 choices are better.