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    I made a similar system for one of my outposts, all you need is redpower lighting. Just use the red lights from that mod, they're pretty good

    pretty easy to set up too. I have a system where if the mfsu runs out of power it emits a redstone signal which in turn turns off all normal lights and turns on all red lights

    One, 20 block diameter is amazingly small.
    Two, that would kill everything. Kind of not what is wanted...
    Three. Explosions. Are you really arguing against explosions?

    yes, because I'd rather have my house burned down than have it blown to bits


    I mean, it just seems kinda unnecessary. But at the same time, another side of me isn't sure there is another way to automate food production? unless you use a mod such as redpower to run watermelon farms of wheat farms.

    so really, I'm kinda on the fence on this one

    Scrap irradiated with mass amount of energy to split the atoms in it which will only leave a malleable source of matter that can then be transformed into something else.

    Sounds better than the stupid thing of creating Something out of nothing.

    yeah but don't you think it'd be kind OP if you just pop some scrap into the mass fabricator and not have anything powering the thing?
    I mean, I understand that it is kinda silly to have matter be produced from nothing, but at least just make it so the thing just requires scrap to operate, and not use it as an accelerent.

    using an array of recyclers(or just one with some overclockers) I can come up with 5 stacks of scrap in no time. Given a minecraft day I can fill a small chest with stacks of scrap.
    If maximum efficiency is achieved with 34 scrap, I can make just about 54 UU matter, that's more than enough for a full suit of quantum armor.

    I can make a full suit of quantum armor everyday if this suggestion get's implemented.

    I've recently got into potion making, and I have discovered one very annoying hindrance

    potions don't stacks

    now every time I go out to make a map, or simply go on a monster hunt I end up running out of potions. I'm sure many of you have run into a similar problem.
    So why not make a solution? I propose that syringes be added into the game, they would work like this:

    • you brew your potions, could be any potion.
    • you then take some empty cells
    • put both a potion and an empty cell into the crafting grid
    • the result should be a potion cell, same as a potions bottle except you can't drink it and they stack
    • next, take a potion cell and a syringe, put them in the crafting table and you get an empty cell and a potion syringe, the latter of which can be stacked.
    • when you need it simply take out the syringe, inject, and you get the effect that the potion intended

    Recipe for syringe:
    :Refined Iron: :Mining Pipe :Mining Pipe

    :Mining Pipe :Empty Cell: :Mining Pipe

    :Mining Pipe :Mining Pipe :Advanced Machine:

    :Mining Pipe = nothing
    :Advanced Machine: = CF sprayer(empty)

    idk if this would help the devs, but I initially got the idea from the MCMMO server plugin. One aspect of the plugin is called "excavation", which provides a really small chance that destroying dirt or sand blocks could yield glowstone or some other treasure.
    My point is, try in figure out how they did it, and then try to apply it to IC2.


    Oh is that a config file? What do you mean i can add the dirt block ID to the miner so it collect it for me?

    oh look! there's the solar panel EU gathering rate in the config file!
    I'll just set that to 128 and I'll be all set! :D

    so basically your argument is that because there another mod that can gather dirt autonomously, this shan't be implemented?

    that means that you can apply "that wont work because I can make a mod exploiting it" to any suggestion on here

    Brb, making Block Breaker+Deployer systems for free stuff.

    read this


    or have the world gen a generate trash blocks that are disguised as a
    dirt blocks and drops either normal dirt or trash when broken (also have
    this happen for dirt at any height think of using it in superflat)

    btw, I'm not so sure the redpower blockbreakers can just move around on their own