Better version publishing

  • This is not only for the forum, but i think many problems are the result of using wrong versions.

    By all indications, there should be no newer version of IC² as 1.95.

    But the reality is that there are the main version two days ago, one new version yesterday and now a hopefully bugfixed version.

    The public release post last edit is two days ago and there is no minor number change.

    The actual version number should be 1.95.2 and or the public release post and the update-page must be edited.

    Than people can realize this and redownload to test before posting new (old) bug reports.


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    1. What?!? (╯°□°)╯ ┻━┻
    2. what there was a new Version yesterday? I doubt that this is happened.
    3. Because there is no new Version?
    4. The Hotfix will have the Number 1.96

    I read ALL Forumposts (except Addon, Server and Texturepacksection), i would know if there is a newer Version of IC² than 1.95

  • The version anyone can download two days ago is smaler than the version uploaded yesterday morning.

    The version uploaded today is a little bit smaler than yesterday.

    So if there are now newer versions (including minor changes or bugfixes) who loaded the files up and why they have a different size??

    Edit: I've found the reasone for the last update. Player has fixed the java.lang.NegativeArraySizeException and uploaded the new version. But the info about that is deep in the forum. 8)

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    I don't see your problem lol

    either you wait for the blog (there is a post for every new version) or you just wait for the wiki to be updated :)

    It's the "Public Releases"-Page on the Forum, which got another IC²-Link, but no notification about that.

    Edit: What no change??? 1.95 is the same as 1.95b??? There were no change to the version i downloaded right after the Release!

    So to the one, who started the Thread: You might have downloaded corrupted Versions of IC², what explains the diffrent Filesizes.

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    1. Versions were named 1.95 and 1.95b
    The difference between 1.95b and 1.96 is latter one enforcing servers/clients to update, whilst 1.95 is compatible with 1.95b. We use this variant if the changes are minimal (no content-related changes whatsoever) or one-sided.
    2. Download link changed a couple of times because Feanturi moves the download files from our main repository to the wiki soon after a release. The files itself don'T change because of that, though.
    3. There was ONE hotfix update, called 1.95b. It was announced on blog, on the public release thread and (after Fean went online) on wiki and forum-header as well.

    4. Can't see your point.

  • Your'e all right.

    There are all information and changes in the posts present on opening this topic.

    So this was my fault.

    Sorry for that :whistling: